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EdgeX: Core WG Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Eric Cotter
I think go 1.113 requires go.mod now I think its the default
André Srinivasan
No problems with Go v1.12.5
Eric Cotter
Revocation on IP’s as well…might be nice. At least a mechanism to do that
André Srinivasan
Re Go 1.13 modules
André Srinivasan
"As of Go 1.11, the go command enables the use of modules when the current directory or any parent directory has a go.mod, provided the directory is outside $GOPATH/src. (Inside $GOPATH/src, for compatibility, the go command still runs in the old GOPATH mode, even if a go.mod is found. See the go command documentation for details.) Starting in Go 1.13, module mode will be the default for all development."
Eric Cotter
how does that work distributed