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Weekly All Business Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Ilene M Spector DO
Are there plans for more community testings? If so, please do more public advertising. The last ones were not advertised much, hard to find on county website. Several people told me they would have gone if they had known. I think there was a poor turnout. Thanks.
Joni Reynolds
Good morning all!
Erin Lustig
Do we need to continue screening employees? Even if we are all vaccinated?
Ilene M Spector DO
Although we appreciate the push for the green level and the herd immunity of the local population, many of us have been talking about our concern of the thousands of visitors that will be coming in for the summer. Has this been considered at all in keeping any mask, social distancing, and crowd control to keep us safe?
Joni Reynolds
You can end daily screening and recordings for all staff that are vaccinated. Daily screenings should continue for all staff that are not vaccinated at this time.
Joni Reynolds
Indeed there is some unknowns for this summer and what it will mean for all communities with visitors and crowds. The HHS team will continue to monitor the situation locally as well as statewide, nationally and globally. Recommendations are being made for all event planners for implementing best practices.
Sara Morgan
Are there any updates or changes to the required business signage?
Ginny Turner
I’m hearing rumours of no more masks as of May 28th…if that’s the case are we free to work within our spaces without distancing as well? Or are we waiting until the next PHO July 1 to change those guidelines?
Joni Reynolds
Thanks for the information/feedback on the community testing information. We had a total of 9 individuals get tested with two testing events. We will continue to provide testing through GVH for any reason with no cost Monday through Friday through June. We will explore additional community testing in the future also.
Ilene M Spector DO
I do hope public information will include those federal exceptions you mention, e.g., hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, transportation etc, so people would be better informed. Most public info national state and county info hasn't included those exceptions to inform the public.
Ilene M Spector DO
thanks Joni!!
I have a 15-year-old employee who got his first shot Saturday, but that means he won't have full immunity until mid-June. Is it okay for us to not ask our customers to wear masks? I don't want him to get sick.
Marsha Thorson
Inpatient healthcare vs. outpatient healthcare, FQHC/RHC vs. independent healthcare practices -- would be helpful to distinguish re: masking, distancing, etc.
Ginny Turner
Thank you, I appreciate the clarification on all of that
Ilene M Spector DO
yes that would be helpful to include that some business settings may have their own restrictions, etc, however you can describe it. That would help us who have specific needs of restrictions. Thanks
Ilene M Spector DO
What are present rules for churches re: masks, social distancing and limits of numbers attending gatherings?
Do we still need to submit ERMAs for summer events?
Alicia Hein - Elevation Hotel
So just to confirm - we are expecting that after 5/28 there will be no group size restrictions indoors for events, meetings, etc......no social distancing needed, no masks
Alicia Hein - Elevation Hotel
Thank you for confirming
Marsha Thorson
Thank you, Joni!
Ilene M Spector DO
thank you!!