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Sherry Lewis
Where can I get an NIF poster? I want one for my on- campus forums at UTEP!
Darla Minnich
If you’d like an NIF poster, please email me at dminnich@nifi.org. Thanks for asking!
I started by searching the topic in my local paper online discovering what journalists have written stories in the genre I am interested in...for example a crime reporter may not be interested in a story about health care.Last year I did an immigration forum, found a reporter who covered those types of stories locally and he actually wrote an advance article based on interviewing me and then subsequently attended the forum himself and then wrote a very nice follow up piece including photos.
Sherry Lewis
In El Paso, we get three Forums televised every spring. Our panel consists of regular citizens, some experts who can lend to the conversation and some students who are invited from the on-campus forums.
Good day. Sorry to be late.
Sherry Lewis
I want to add my thanks to all the presenters! Peace.