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What Nonprofits Need to Know about COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Jeremy Hoffpauir, OKCNP
Here is a link to sign up for the noon consulting call: https://okctrnonprofits.wufoo.com/forms/zqkmy781da3e6z/
Lisa Synar
OKC Beautiful has had 300 fraud claims
AJ Griffin
AJ Griffin
Paycom loves being part of good work!
Jamie Lopp
For reference, typically the Food & Resource Center has a percentage of about 8-10% new clients.
MIchael Brose
I am so sorry I cannot stay on call. Stuff going on here. Please feel free to call or text me if anyone feels I need to hear something germane to me/us at Mental Health Health Association Oklahoma. Appreciate all of you so much. 918 850-6327.
Jamie Lopp
Thank you for coming Michael!
Dan Billingsley
Please add questions here for Cassie or Lesli.
Erin Engelke, Calm Waters
What is your gut saying the future of fundraising events will look like? How is your agency handling future events?
Joe Dorman
PSA - Nominations for the Anne Roberts People's Choice Award for Child Advocate of the Year (Individual and Organizational) closes on June 22. Please nominate the person or group that you feel should be the child advocate of the year for 2020. The winner will be announced on July 31st at the OICA Heroes Ball - http://oica.org/awards/anne-roberts-peoples-choice-award/ - please share with your networks if you work with children
Dana Kelso
You are not alone! I'm in the same boat with a smaller, non recognized nonprofit
Janet Peery
Thank you all - I have to get off the call for another one.
Sarah Steffes
Has anybody on this call had an online event yet, in place of what would have "normally" been a physical event? How did it go, what did you learn?
Stephen Ellis
Laura Jensen
We have an organization locally who is changing their gala event from in-person to continuing to support their venue and having a parking lot summer theme event. The venue is doing food in individual packaging and events from your car like a drive in. I’m interested to see how it all unfolds!
Dana Kelso
Ken Busby
Excellent points, Cassie!!
Sara Jane DelMonte, OKCNP
@Sarah Allied Arts held their Artini event online this year. They used an online bidding company and the event yielded success.
Kim Leveridge, OKCNP
"Spin like a lathe"?
Allison Parker
Infant Crisis Services held our annual "Triple Crown Tea" (typically held at the Country Club) on Facebook and Instagram live. We had to make the decision quickly, and we learned quite a bit! We've not met our goal, but we kept our original stretch goal, so we weren't sure how it would go. We are considering holding our fall luncheon virtually too.
Jamie Lopp
You can find the Special Events Calendar here:https://www.oklahomacenterfornonprofits.org/connect/charitable-events-calendar/
Jamie Lopp
You can also submit changes and new events to the calendar here: https://www.oklahomacenterfornonprofits.org/connect/charitable-events-calendar/
Molly Helm
I wish there were a place that all the virtual event lints were shared so we could attend/support if we want to. I feel like I have missed some.
Molly Helm
Allison Parker
Love that idea, Molly!
Dana Kelso
Our annual fundraiser 5 course wine tasting dinner at the Skirvin, was supposed to be May 1st, we moved it to August and have decided to move it to next May. We looked at doing virtual wine dinners, but so many have started doing it, we wouldn't be unique. We had already raised $30k. I contacted all the donors and they have graciously let us keep the funds. Good, but going into our July fiscal year short $75k in profits
Erin Engelke, Calm Waters
We’ve rescheduled our breakfast benefit event from June to August 25 and are giving guests the option to participate virtually or in person. Also creating virtual sponsorships. I’ve been making personal phone calls to each prior sponsor just to give them an update and check in on their business.
Dana Kelso
I will update the CFNP calendar
Jamie Lopp
That's a great idea Molly. We provide the websites/links for the events if they are included in the description when submitted.
Amey Pierce
My organization Aalim Dance Academy has held two online shows as fundraisers and entertainment during quarantine. Both went over very well. The first one we charged $5 per virtual ticket, but the second one we made the link to the virtual show public and asked people for donations. We raised $500 more with the second show. We have another one coming up on the 20th. We have been closed for in-person classes since March 17th, so these shows are really helping while we're hurting from half or more of our students not attending our online classes.
AJ Griffin
We moved our event support to program support for anyone who asked. Don't be afraid to make that ask of corporate sponsors!
Erin Engelke, Calm Waters
Think that is so smart, AJ!!
Lucy Fraser
Ken Busby
Great conversation last week and this week!! Thank you so much!!
Stephen Ellis
Thank you!
Kimberley Worrell
Thank you to Cassie and Lesli and OKCNP for this conversation!
Colleen Howe
Thank you everyone!