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Stakeholders Engagement Call COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Traci J. DeShazor
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Yuzhong Shen
This is Dr. Yuzhong Shen, the president of OCA Eastern Virginia Chapter. The schools in Virginia will not start online instruction or virtual instruction before April 27. Why does it take the schools so long to switch to online instruction. All universities in Virginia have switched to online instruction. I’d like to request that the schools start online instruction immediately to reduce the loss of learning experienced by students. Thanks.
Sable K
Thank you for your question, Eric. Yes, this Zoom meeting is being recorded. Moreover, slides will be available and sent to those who registered.
Sable K
Thanks to people who are posing questions in the chat box. We are monitoring the questions to pose them to the leadership on this call to answer during the Q&A portion of this meeting.
Eric Lin
There are many API small business owners in VA. There are many supports now being announced, i.e. EIDL and others in the CARES Act. How can we get more information about how to access these Federal supports and when will the State develop our own business supports?
Alex Guzmán
Are any bills passed and supported by the Governor’s office under reconsideration given the grim economic outlook? What considerations are being made
Alex Guzmán
What considerations are being made for Virginia’s undocumented communities as it relates to health access and housing security?
Ssunny Shah
 because Caronavirous pandemic all businesses are dead particularly Tourism Industry . Is there any way State Government can influence local Governments  to extend Tax payment deadlines on Property Tax,Business License Tax ,Personal Property Tax .no business can pay this taxes in between April and AUGUST depending how long it will take to improve business
Ssunny Shah
last four months Asian American small business owners supported several bills to help employees including minimum wage bill. All bills were passed and waiting for Governor Northam to signLooking at the current financial conditions  there is no way any business can support wage increase from January 2021. I think bills should be renegotiated in Senate & house to decide appropriate starting date
Questions:1) What worker support can be offered to undocumented Asian American residents who are shut out from unemployment insurance and direct assistance?2) How can state agencies provide actual language access to Asian Americans? 20% of AAPI households in Virginia are limited English proficient. For example, there is no clear/obvious way for limited English proficient Asian Americans who speak a language other than Spanish or English to access information or for assistance to applying?3) While courts are not processing evictions, at some point the rent will be due. What steps can be taken by the state to stop evictions and cancel rent to protect communities?4) We are in contact with Asian Americans being held at Farmville detention center. These are areas with already poor health care support and sanitation. What is administration doing to ensure the health of those individuals?
5) As we think about the November 2020 election and may need to consider voting by mail, what steps are the administration taking to ensure ALL voters understand the new election laws and understand their full range of voting options?
Ssunny Shah
Federal Government came out with economic package to help Small businesses do you think Commonwealth of Virginia can come out with some incentives to help businesses. Most of the hotels are open in the state but has single digits occupancies .
Eric Lin
Thank you Sookyung.
Tin Myint
How is VA working with other states, aside from DC, MD, to get the medical supplies we need? Is there a task force looking into price gouging on food and other supplies?
addendum to my question #2 ---- I am referring to unemployment insurance specifically
Rupali Pendse
I think that min wage should be $15 per hour from now as that income is what is sustaining them currently working at grocery stores.
Eric Lin
For Felix: We have heard that our community members are having significant issues in filing for Unemployment Insurance benefits. Long phone holds and difficulty submitting application online. Add to this the language barriers. Will the state increase capacities to handle the increased volume?
Tin Myint
Is this true that the stimulus check does not include adult dependents?
Rupali Pendse
heard that collage students are not eligible for money. Can you share if true?
Hey Eric,
Kelly Thomasson
To Tin Myint: Here is information from the Office of the Attorney General on price gouging: https://www.oag.state.va.us/media-center/news-releases/1672-march-31-2020-herring-takes-further-steps-to-crack-down-on-price-gouging
Piggy backing off Rupali's question --- this would be a great moment for the Administration to make an amendment to the bill to remove the farmworker exemption. What the COVID-19 pandemic is shedding light on is how it is the lowest-paid workers are in many ways the most essential workers at this time.
Kirtesh Patel
Hello All,
We’ve been hearing the same complaints and are working to address these challenges as quickly as possible. We are actively scaling our IT infrastructure and call center capacity to meet this unprecedented surge in demand and appreciate your patience as we navigate these unusual times.
hyun lee
Yes, our community members are having major issues in filing unemployment insurance benefits, BOTH Phone Lines and Online. Yes, Both online and phonelines. What's our currnet capacity?
Eric Lin
Tin Myint: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/economic-impact-payments-what-you-need-to-know
Kirtesh Patel
many local bank is not ready to do SBA loan. What they are stating is that they don’t have even information to process the loan by tomorrow. Have you head that in your area ?
Kirtesh Patel
Eric Lin
Kirtesh - the local banks are not taking the EIDL applications. Those must be done through the SBA.
Kirtesh Patel
Hi Eric, I
Kirtesh Patel
I am speaking about payroll protection.
Eric Lin
Kirtesh - gotcha..
Qi Zhang
Chinese American community in Hampton Roads has raised more than $20k to purchase PPE and donate thousands of masks and equipment to local health care organizations. We are determined to protect our doctors, nurses and other frontline fighters to beat COVID-19. let us what else we need to do.
If you anticipate harm to your business, but have not yet sustained it should you apply now. For example, tenants stating they may not be able to pay in May.
Kirtesh - SBA needs to issue additional regulations to banks. I believe SBA has until April 11 to provide regs but I have heard regs may come as early as tomorrow.
Tin Myint
Thanks Kelly and Eric
Kirtesh Patel
Thank you!
Tin Myint
Is there a central coordination with masks and other PPE donations? Do we know where we can find which hospital or clinic has higher the higher priority to receive donation? It seem to me it is inefficient for individual person to make masks and donate to clinic that may not have an immediate need.
Rupali Pendse
Has the department looked at starting school year early for next school year - may be July or august. This would help with review/update
Jennifer Sano-Franchini
Given that so many universities have gone online, can you speak to what is being done to ensure that students in rural areas of the Commonwealth are able to access reliable internet connection?
Eric Lin
What is the State's current Covid-19 testing capacity? And when will UVA and VCU testing come online? How much will that increase capacity? Are there other testing expansion plans in place? How will our community members be able to get tested?
Carla Okouchi
Will every Virginia resident be able to get tested before returning to work and school facilities?
Eric Lin
Also, when testing, will racial data be collected? The VDH site has 61% of cases with no race reported.
and to follow-up --- the information could be translated, but then where can small business owners who are limited English proficient and would actually feel more comfortable speaking in a language other than Spanish and English (because this is a stressful situation) --- where can they go to actually talk with someone?
Rongtao Xu
What grant or loan is appropriate for self employed small business without payroll? People like plumber, electrician, etc thank you.
Eric Lin
Rongtao - I think self employed individuals have to apply for Unemployment under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance
Rupali Pendse
Thank you for sharing the information.
Vanessa Walker Harris
To Eric: The Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services, the State Lab, has capacity to test 200 samples as of today. UVA and VCU are currently performing COVID-19 testing. The Virginia Emergency Support Team continues to explore opportunities to expand testing with the academic universities and private labs. Community members who believe they may need a test should first start with their primary care physician- right now there isn't sufficient testing available for everyone who would ideally be tested. Clinicians are using their best judgement on who to test. http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus/local-exposure/.
Marie Sankaran Raval
VCU Health is accepting donations of PPE. Drop off is at the gateway building (valet will accept the donations) Thank you!!
Eric Lin
Thank you all for your work!
Suja Amir
Thanks all
Sable K
Thank you to everyone for participating!!!
Praveen Meyyan
Thanks everyone!
Carla Okouchi
Mahalo. Thank you.
Ssunny Shah
thanks everyone
Thank you all!
Tin Myint
Thank you for this conference call!