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Socio-economic Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Developing Countries and the Role of South-South and Triangular Cooperation - Shared screen with speaker view
Yasemin Derebasi
Hello, everybody! The recording will be shared here: https://www.ssc-globalthinkers.org/node/283And here: https://www.southsouth-galaxy.org/events/webinar-socio-economic-implications-of-the-covid-19-pandemic-on-developing-countries-the-role-of-south-south-trc/
Maruf Barkat
Will the recording of this webinar be public later?
dr.shivam sharma
Warm Regards, I am Dr.Shivam Sharma working on Model of Urban health, India. I strongly suggests that application of multi sectoral model based on "logic of inquiry" involving methods & tools like - driving change,defining, designing, realising, relating and capturing sucess in for multi sectoral collaboration as an intervention to which health and development outcomes should be targeted for combatting COVID 19 pandemic death tolls globally. It will enable us to develop a contigency flexipool of fund with shared and comparitively less risk to counter this issue.
kien nguyen van
It is nice suggestion
Soledad Gallardo ARG-TDF
Good morning to all from Tierra del Fuego, Argentina!!
Maruf Barkat
This is Maruf Barkat, Joint Director of COAST Trust, Bangladesh. My question: Is there any guideline for the small entrepreneurs to operate in this lockdown? There are two aspects: the SME need a living and the consumers need some essential products even in this lockdown situation. We are raising voice for the poor and lower income people here in Bangladesh and we think there are similar situation in other countries as well.
dr.shivam sharma
How operationalization of South South Cooperation could be pressed upon such that spectrum of Vouchers, Cash Transfers for poor families leaving Below Poverty Line, pregnant mothers, unorganised sector, primary school scholarship, WASH could be enabled for an Inclusive Approach?
Abdirahim Ibrahim
Abdirahim Ibrahim Ministry of Planning, Federal Government of Somalia: A critical shortage of medical supplies and personnel continues to grip hospitals across Africa, including Somalia. In Somalia’s capital, Martini Hospital is the country’s only medical facility dedicated to treating its growing number of coronavirus patients. As South-South and Triangular Cooperation Member States, is there a response plan to help these African countries who cannot afford much?
Jaewon Son
Thank you!
Sara Bahman
Thank you so much for the insightful webinar!