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Join SFHAC with Director Hillis and Interim Director O'Riordan - Shared screen with speaker view
Liz Watty
Irving Gonzales
Mr. Riordan, when will be able to make new digital submittals for OTC level permit applications for say, projects like Accessible Building Entrances and other similar T.I. projects?
Serina Calhoun
I was told today by the permit center, that ADU's could not yet be submitted. Patrick has just indicated that we can submit ADU's. Can you confirm?
Corey Smith - SFHAC
Mimi Sullivan
Are Soft Story permits that often precede affordable housing rehabs considered essential even if the work is in a commerical space to support housing above?
Kyle Thompson
are wet signatures going to be required on remaining hard copy plans?
Henry Karnilowicz
How about getting permits issued?
Anthony Valerio
Could Patrick repeat the projected date when non-essential project digital plan review will commence again?
Director O’Riordan,
Karin Payson
Our project was approved for311 notification, and we were about to pay the fee in person on the day that the order to stay in place was made. how do we re-start the process?
Cyrus Sanandaji
what’s the process regarding to pre-app meeting? can they be done?
Irving Gonzales
Are we still limited to 36x48 format, or can we also have 30x42 and 24x36 formats, too?
Doug Fowler
Is there a process in place at DBI to pay for and pick up an approved addendum from the CPB.
Irving Gonzales
(Thank you for the great news on other permit submittals!)
Kimberly Alferos
How strict is DBI looking at the format of digitally submitted projects. We have addendum submittals plans that have different size titleblocks. Will it still be allowed to be submitted?
Who decides if an active non-essential project is in a “safe” condition, and if not what is required to get it to a safe condition? A contractor has one of our projects up on cribbing, no foundation, no perimeter walls. Is this “safe”, or can they work to get the house properly supported?
Henry Karnilowicz
Is submittal of permits only for essential projects also how about applications for permits without drawings?
Serina Calhoun
I need access to record plans for projects from over 50 years ago. If I send the application number can the records team send us a digital copy for review? Who would we contact if we need to view record plans?
eric tao
At this time, given that the SIP ends on May 3, assuming it is not extended, will all construction projects be allowed to proceed again?
Daniel Perez
Should a non-essential project that was in the process of review be submitted hard copy to complete review or should the drawings be scanned and submitted digitally? We have approval from building and PUC but need to complete Fire and MEP. Thank you.
jared johnson
We are a design and build and have 3 projects going where the buildings are not habitable and the owners are needing to get moved back in. We need to make cabinets in our cabinet shop to finish these projects but the building owner won’t allow work to be done in the building because he doesn’t think our work is essential. Would you say this work is essential and if so could you provide us with a note saying this work is essential to provide the building owner
Serina Calhoun
For Planning, we have a couple of variance applications. Where do we go to submit those applications?
Anne Cervantes
Please address over the counter permits for essential projects. These were in process of being approved. How will these be handled.
Larry Badiner
Clap Clap for both staffs!
Dale Hill
We have a home remodel with and ADU that is completed at Planning and ready to move to DBI. we were told that 2 hard copies are needed to be stamped and walked to DBI. I'm unclear of the timing and process as to when this can proceed
Nick Cereghino
Steven Aiello
For Director Hillis/Planning: The Draft APEZ map that was expanded in Feb 2020 has delayed many projects that were previously Class 32 CatEx because they were outside the map boundary. What is the status of the standard mitigation conditions for diesel construction equipment the city is developing? Pre-virus timeline was Board of Supervisor's summer adoption. Still on schedule?
Shelley Fu
Our non-essential project has an approved site permit and we’re looking to submit an OTC addendum. Do we follow the same instructions for digital submissions? Has a process for payment been set up?
Cyrus Sanandaji
When will all of these update instructions be detailed on the website?
Karin Payson
Patrick Riordan says that they are accepting applications for ADU permits…but what about construction? We have a permit but have not begun construction. May we begin construction before the 3rd of May?
Tony Sanchez-Corea
how will issue approved electronically submitted addenda
Hulett Jones
confirming tomorrow: allowing revisions and addenda to ALL existing permits already in the pipeline, but new permit apps only for essential.
John Maniscalco
Liz, is there any thought about a process for online Planning pre-application meetings? How about for Variance hearings?
Corey Smith - SFHAC
Christopher Roach
will a recording of this meeting be available?
Melanie Stein
You have mentioned a few times that tomorrow you are allowing revisions and addenda to all existing permits already in the pipeline. If we digitally submitted our addendum for our existing non-essential permit prior to this conversation, do we need to resubmit?
eric tao
Patrick and Rich, DBI/Planning, SFHAC, thanks for putting this on...and all on the call, many of whom I know personally, its clear we are all in this together, and am gratified that everyone is supportive and the City is doing a tremendous job to keep things moving while SIP continues. Aloha, Eric
Hilary Noll
Is MOD on the same timeline to transition to digital-submissions?