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Affordable Rental Housing Division Legislative Agenda Outreach - Shared screen with speaker view
Alison McIntosh (she/her), Oregon Housing Alliance
When we get to Q&A - Can you please share more detail about the proposal to create a Housing Investment Agency? What does this mean?
Meg Guerra
What's housing investment? Doe sthsi means access to capital to buy land?
Mariah Acton (she/her), OHCS
Thanks for the questions, we're keeping track of them and will answer at end--keep adding them to the chat as they come to mind!
CAT: Rachel/ she/her
Where does surplus land come from? Is it foreclosures?
Ricardo Lujan Valerio
Have there been conversations on amending appropriate statutes pertaining to affordable housing for households that have mix status families and the effect that public charge and other federal regulation changes will have to these families?
Meg Guerra
Great news about increasing AWHTC Well done!
Lisa Rogers
Will you be funding the manufactured housing park preservation program for the biennium? This is a critical resource to enable residents to purchase the park. Without it they will likely be unable to afford the purchase. And OHCS investment per unit is much less than for other preservation projects. Additionally, there are a number of investors who are coming into Oregon to purchase these parks, which will only increase the cost of their space lease, forcing some to move. This is some of the most affordable housing we have in Oregon and is important to preserve.
Bill Van Vliet
I do not see the OAHTC cap increase. There are a number of new funding requests, but not raising the cap. Is there sufficient Cap space to keep the resource available to developers?
Shannon Vilhauer
What is the thinking behind restricting LIFT to rental only? While the program hasn't been a fit for every development, it has made many homeownership opportunities possible that wouldn't have been feasible without this support.
Alison McIntosh (she/her), Oregon Housing Alliance
Can you say more about how you would use Article XI_Q bonds for Land Acquisition? Who would acquire the land, and who would hold it while financing for the housing is being put together?
Ricardo Lujan Valerio
Meg Guerra
Do you have information on the number of people of color that have been impacted/is being impacted by LIFT?
Lydia Slocum, HDC (she/her)
What is reasoning for restricting LIFT for rental only? Advocating for continuing homeownership as well.
Meg Guerra
When is the LAP opening again?
Bill Van Vliet
Circling back to the concept of switching from grants to loans from the department, what is the potential impact to projects and sponsors of this shift?
Meg Guerra
Define Supportive Services please
Meg Guerra
Nathasha can you clarify. Will these new FWTC be available to CDCs? for new off side housing?
Lisa Rogers
Won't switching from grant to loans increase project costs, and thereby increase rents? Is that the direction the Department is moving to?
CAT: Rachel/ she/her
can you please clarify what you mean by a covid impact from the perspective of affordable housing?
Rob Prasch, NOAH, He/His
How will you decide whether to request GF or LBB for $10 million preservation?
Rick Ruzicka (He/Him), OHCS
90% loan to appraised value
Val Valfre
How many LAP applications have been approved to date, and has all monies been awarded? Any policy changes being proposed to facilitate additional applications?
Lisa Rogers
Will you be asking my previous question about preservation funds for manufactured housing park?
Rob Prasch, NOAH, He/His
Caleb's memo to HSC noted the March budget included $10m in OAHTC for preservation of projects with federal rental assistance. That was zeroed out in current proposal. Could the $10m be on the bubble?
Meg Guerra
I support Val's question. Please respond?
Lisa Rogers
It is hard for CDC's to sell the AWHTC too, not just for the on-farm projects, why can't CDC access monetized funds?
Meg Guerra
Good question Lisa. Can Nathasha answer?
CAT: Rachel/ she/her
have you considered helping renters purchase covid impacted homes/buildings as in co-op purchase for low income renters as a mechanism to address covid-19 and to supplement affordable housing preservation?
Martha Sonato
great! got it
Natasha Detweiler-Daby (she/her), OHCS
Neighborhood Stabilization Program is what Julie was referencing.
Meg Guerra
all good tnanks
Jessica Mathis (she/her), Welcome Home Coalition
Yes, I see it.
Nicole Stoenner (she/her), OHCS
I am personally excited about the AWHTC increase. As we see with COVID, this is a population that needs housing support.
Meg Guerra
Both the increase on AWHTC and presservation
Martha Sonato
yes! echo ^^^
Ricardo Lujan Valerio
Want to make sure we find the best ways for houseless folks and immigrant communities that fall through the cracks on housing
Meg Guerra
Thank you to all the OHCS team for the work
Lynne McConnell
I appreciate how responsive OHCS is to certain feedback you've received from us. It seems like you've found a good balance of what's needed with what's possible. Thank you for involving us in the process.
Taylor Smiley Wolfe
Appreciative that OHCS is putting a bold agenda forward despite the current economic context. Housing stability is crucial!
Taylor Smiley Wolfe
Thank you : )
Rob Prasch, NOAH, He/His
I appreciate the challenges you all are facing with the rapidly changing budget/revenue projections. I hope you will continue to engage stakeholders as final decisions are made. Thanks!
Val Valfre
Excellent dialogue - you have a challenging year ahead but these programs will be life changers for many Oregonians. Thank you all for your dedication!