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Fisheries Disaster Relief Workshop - Shared screen with speaker view
Robert Rheault
It comes and goes
David g
Don't forget wild harvest shellfish
Bob Ballou
Wild harvest shellfish will fall under the Commercial Fishing sector
David g
good! thank you
Harry gould
how can it only encompass 2 0r 3 months when we will be suffering decreased prices for months to come
As for party & charter boats category, if there are 100 tax filing, fish-reporting party & chasers boats in RI, that’s approx $1100 each, less than the Federal stimulus payment. It in no way helps offset the losses from no business, not to mention expenses paid out prior to the season beginning, For example, my husband and I as Charter boat and commercial fishers spent over $15k to prepare for the 2020 season.
amelia bouchard
Good point but same is prob true for everyone. Certainly few pennies in the bucket compared to actual damages. Should have got more money
Harry gould
shouldn't this be based on your total yearly loss because of the on going virus repercussions as opposed to 2 or 3 months?
Precisely, harry. We’ve been told to not expect fish market sales to reach”normal” until 2021 at least.
Jay Primiano
agree here: markets aren't to recover completely until virus is gone and that requires vaccine, still 9months to one year out.
Jay Primiano
emergency process preferred
amelia bouchard
have to realize the amount of money is severely limited compared to the actual losses. Only way to rectify that is get more money. No other way, Need more money. We are in the wrong industry to get any real help. Check out what other industries got. Cant remember the exact amount but compare fishermen to farmers and you will clearly see the problem.
John's iPhone
seems like effort doesn’t matter
John's iPhone
pays to stay home trying to survive don’t matter
Jay Primiano
Is RIDEM working with the congressional fed group of legislators to increase dollars to assist in future losses due to this continuing crisis?
Harry gould
every commercial fisherman in the state is suffering a decreased price and weak market, why not split the pie evenly and give everyone an equal share now when we need it as opposed to dragging it out for months when many of us will be tied up painting house instead of fishing
amelia bouchard
I will believe that when I see it. We are in the wrong industry for help.
We applied for EIDL on April 10 and have not even received a confirmation email that they are processing our application. All we have is our application submission confirmation number. To date, SBA has no other information for us.
amelia bouchard
Good question Harry. Lets see what Jay thinks of that
Harry gould
so if we jump through all of the right hoops we will get some help but if you get lost in the qualifications you lose out but a few other guys get a little more? that makes sense?
amelia bouchard
Im sold on your idea Harry. Lets count everyone as equal. They can do individual settlements if and when and if they get more money. We all need money now.
Harry gould
alot of useless red tape
Jay Primiano
There needs to be a series of calculations that include, number of days worked, price factors and over a period of three months, utilizing an algorithm for calculation purposes.
amelia bouchard
That sounds like a slow and expensive process
Kenneth Murgo
6pm meetings would be better for working fishermen