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Discussion on Funder Collaboration for COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Jessica Garcia-Kohl
It would be great to learn more about how the public health needs of rural areas differ from public health needs in cities of California.
Alan Kwok (video)
Please type your questions for Dr. Kinley and Nia Lendaris (SF Chinese Hospital and its clinic network) here. Thank you!
Jackie Downing
First, thank you for your amazing work. Which of these challenges can be solved with funding and what level do you need?
steve barton
Can you speak to whats happening at other hospitals serving the general population and those serving most vulnerable (homeless, seniors, etc.)
Laura Seaman
Are any funders working on finding, purchasing, commissioning PPE for their local health systems?
Catherine Crystal Foster
How are community clinics fitting into the picture, and how can philanthropy help there?
Nia Lendaris, Eric Kenley (Ian McCuaig)
Ian McCuaig 415-786-7315
Alan Kwok (video)
We will also provide contact information for all the speakers at the end of this call. In the meantime, please type your questions in the chat box.
Pedar Bruce
If funders can fund only a few organizations for CA, are there larger agencies like yours that are coordinating funds to distribute?
Dr. Eric Kinley
Regarding our community clinics. Currently our community clinics are assisting with offering SARS-CoV-2 testing and evaluation of patients that may have COVID-19. They have partnered with our Emergency Department to offer testing for otherwise stable patients, so that our ED remains available to care truly sick patients.
Rachel Benditt
What is the role the national guard is playing at food banks?
Andrew Cheyne
I'm happy to follow up with everyone, thank you!
Alan Kwok (video)
Please type your questions here (relating to community health, food security, housing, and legal services). Thank you.
wendy todd
Jonathan, please describe some concrete next steps funders could take to support your suggestion of engaging in advocacy. Thank you
Katherine Clements
I'm sorry I can't stay on for the extended conversation, need to jump on another call. I did want to make everyone aware of an opportunity to provide direct and immediate financial relief to individuals and families. GiveDirectly has launched a domestic COVID-19 response effort; they are an excellent organization and have the payment infrastructure to start sending money today (including to those that may not have bank accounts). They are starting by targeting families on SNAP and intend to expand. They are engaging with donors that might like to adopt an entire zip code. Read more here: https://www.givedirectly.org/covid-19/We are considering a significant investment for the Bay Area, please get in touch if you are interested in joining us: katherine@lampertbyrdfoundation.org.
Jonathan Russell
Contact for Jonathan Russell, Bay Area Community Services: (jrussell@bayareacs.org)
Jonathan Russell
Bay Area Community Services website: https://www.bayareacs.org/
Cassie Gruenstein
Resource for California Association of Food Banks and others: Lyft is offering to help with food distribution https://techcrunch.com/2020/03/22/lyft-to-offer-medical-supply-and-meal-delivery-during-coronavirus-pandemic/
Jonathan Russell
Keep Oakland Housed website: https://www.keepoaklandhoused.org/
Nia Lendaris, Eric Kenley (Ian McCuaig)
Thank you, you can reach Dr. Kinley and Nia Lendaris, and me, via Ian McCuaig ianm@chasf.org 415-786-7315 www.chinesehospital-sf.org
Ingrid Tischer
Thanks so much!
Ingrid Tischer
Sending legal response re healthcare rationing from disability rights advocates. Applicable to chronically ill, aging people. https://dredf.org/letter-to-governor-newsom-prohibit-healthcare-rationing-based-on-disability/
Kendra Berenson
Can you please clarify what you mean by "current measures don't/do work"? -- what is the metric of "working"?
linda Gargiulo
Can you please give us more information on the technologies mentioned?
steve barton
Are there other examples of new tech? What role can philanthropy play?
Ingrid Tischer
How can philanthropy work to include disability rights advocates expertise in these public health, bioethics plans, policies? We have to be at the table in developing acceptable practices or we’re at high risk for discrimination in access to clinical treatment, resources.
Shirlee Tully
It would be great if you could send a copy of Naveed's presentation. Thanks!
Shirlee Tully
Also, is anyone partnering with public media to make sure they can keep informing the public on-air and online in the midst of impending funding shortages?
Cassie Gruenstein
Thank you!