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Wednesday Ylopo Office Hours - Shared screen with speaker view
Sharon Glatz-Scott
Good Morning Everyone!!! :-)
Barry Jenkins (Virginia Beach, VA)
Hi, John! This is Rachel w/ Better Homes & Gardens. I was going through my files and I didn’t see where you ever bought or sold that home you were looking for? Did you end up buying? If not, I did have a couple homes that caught my eye for you.
When I first joined Ylopo, I was issued and saved in my phone, about 5different phone numbers, each for a specific task completed by Ylopo onmy behalf, ie - behavioral, assistant, etc. Since I have not received atext message in months from these phone numbers, I thought this processended. In talking to Ylopo, they said they are still being sent, andprovided me a spreadsheet of all the people contacted in January.In researching the names on the spreadsheet, these text messages are nowburied in the leads profile comments area. LionDesk said they cannot log anything that isn't sentthrough my system, and I just sent a reqest to Ylopo support for themto respond on why I am missing them? Barry, since you use LionDesk areyou still getting these text messages? And are these multi phone numbersstill relevant?
Alexandra Pinell
Hey Jan, I can look at your backend now :)
Alexandra Pinell
Hey Jan, I see your backend! I'm just confirming one thing with our team really quick
Sharon Glatz-Scott
Hey Ali .. I reached out to Brittany Otis yesterday regarding an issue that I am having with my Ylopo Home Search site .. can you give me a call?? The issue is that when I put in MLS numbers, that one specific number is not populating .. same this the address field. It is really messy. :-/
Can they remove the 'Do you have an agent?' question?
David Goldberg - Nashville
I have an architecture question. How does lead routing/assignment and drip campaigns work when you bring in callaction? Does each agent need an account/seat in callaction?
Alexandra Pinell
Hey Sharon! Today, we're having a company wide meeting, so our Support staff is unavailable, however, I can absolutely look further into your issue! Let me look for the email really quick
Alexandra Pinell
Hey Sharon! Just sent an email to further troubleshoot with you :)
Alexandra Pinell
YES!! Please be honest!! :)
David Goldberg - Nashville
Just waiting on the seller suite :)