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ICETE-ATS Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Edward Fraijo Delgado
Greetings and good morning from California.
Stefanii Ferenczi
Have any of you conducted onsite visits? What was the biggest difference you noticed between a virtual visit and an on-site visit?
Stefanii Ferenczi
Does bandwidth/internet accessibility make it difficult for any of your schools to participate in an online site visit?
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
I was on the very first ATS Virtual Visit with Tisa Lewis back in 2008. The biggest difference I noticed was that the sense of protocol was lost. We interviewed the president and the academic dean, but by the time we got to the faculty, all three of us on the team realized that the president and dean had stayed in the room the whole time.
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
We had no issues with bandwidth - we were all on T1 (!) lines back then.
Paul Cornelius-ATA India
would an online site visit mean additional days...for eg would a typical three of four day visit be extended with additional days?
Betty Holley
Just as evaluation team will need training for virtual visits, I also see the need for the training of the host schools that will be evaluated to be able to conduct their virtual visit.
Emiola Nihinlola
The network as well as bandwidth are good in NBTS, with gratitude to God for our recent upgrade to 100mbps, which incidentally took place this May during COVID-19 era.
Errol Joseph
I understand the interview aspect of the visit. What about the review of the physical facilities in the case of an institutional review?
That’s fantastic news `prof. Emiola. More African schools are upgrading their digital infrastructure and I see a possibility of successfully conducting online site visits.
Carmen Nanko-Fernandez
Security and confidentiality are issues even with Zoom. Should the licenses for the technology that are used for the visit belong to the accrediting agency and not the institution visited?
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
Ours was a focus visit on academic assessment, I think, so we didn't have within our plans a facilities review. That would have been interesting - I guess in 2020 it would be done with Facetime on an iPhone, but that would be a challenge.
Carmen Nanko-Fernandez
Erroll Joseph I share your question and wonder if it would be helpful to have a local visitor whose role is to do the site visit, physical plant etc. (in these days following virus protocol). This way no travel.
Errol Joseph
That's an interesting possibility where it is feasible
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
One could plan a team inclusive of a professional member who is near the site.
`how do we assess facilities`?
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
We could also require a third party facilities audit.
Errol Joseph
What about the recording of meetings during the visit?
Marvin Oxenham - ECTE (Europe)
Recording raises data protection issues, but i also tends to stilt conversations
Errol Joseph
I'm thinking of the institution recording the meeting and its impact on privacy of some meetings
Marvin Oxenham - ECTE (Europe)
Most QA agencies in Europe discourage this
Carmen Nanko-Fernandez
Yes Errol I am with you on that concern.
Stefanii Ferenczi
From Emiola Nihinlola: From the viewpoint of administration, I am wondering if the visit can be hybrid with some team members being present in person?
May we request ATS’s Guidelines for Online Site Visits (for accreditors) if available. Thank you.
Errol Joseph
Agreed that will be helpful David
Lester Ruiz, ATS
David-ACTEA, we'll be sure to address your request. Thanks for asking.
Thank you, Lester.
Rene Espinosa
I too agree that the host's ability to record the zoom interviews poses a confidentiality issue.
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
not just the host - but any participant. I can record this Zoom meeting with my video screen capture synched with Audacity
Errol Joseph
Of course the host can disallow recording
Lester Ruiz, ATS
I hope, Sebastian, you won't have the audacity to record for yourself... :)
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
Lester Ruiz, ATS
In the ATS context, we have also been keeping an eye on hybrid models of visits... It's an important issue to attend to for the medium and long term.
Stefanii Ferenczi
For those of you who have participated in virtual visits (or are planning for upcoming visits), what roles have you found that are needed for an online visit that would not be needed in person?
Stefanii Ferenczi
What kinds of things that happen organically in an in person visit need to be intentionally scheduled in an online visit?
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
A Zoom moderator is useful - someone who serves in the role of online team organizer. This is different from a chair.
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
Someone who can mute microphones, ensure that private chats among team members aren't happening publicly, etc.
Oliver McMahan, ATS
Great point Sebastian. Very much.
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
Private rooms, too - in an onsite visit, team members will split apart for private sessions with various individuals, but in plenary zoom meetings the whole team is there at once for all events.
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
So, zoom breakouts are needed
Stefanii Ferenczi
Marvin’s PPT is available in the online Facebook group. It is a private group, so you will need to request to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/347462256262472
Errol Joseph
Marvin mentioned the nanocourse. Anything more on that?
Stefanii Ferenczi
That is available on the ICETE Academy websitehttps://icete.academy/mod/book/view.php?id=1644&chapterid=609
Marvin Oxenham - ECTE (Europe)
Here is the link to the nanocourse https://icete.academy/course/view.php?id=134
Errol Joseph
Thank you
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
Wow! They've just left us here with an open chat room. We can talk about anything!
Stefanii Ferenczi
Just remember it will be recorded ;)
Carmen Nanko-Fernandez
Covid19 has forced schools into online mode--among the issues is that there is a difference between triage/emergency online teaching and distance learning. For some this resulted in a conflation of the 2 and for a false impression that somehow online learning is not "real teaching/learning." A similar issue may arise with accreditation --somehow virtual or hybrids are not "real." It would be important to think through processes, framings, articulations, etc. that take these perceptions into account.
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
Marvin Oxenham - ECTE (Europe)
The ICETE Academy is happy to offer a complementary subscription to all those in this webinar. This amounts to one year in which you can take all the courses you want. When you register, write the promo code ATS/ICETE QA. You can find the registration link here https://icete.academy
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
That's a good point, Carmen, and something one of my groups has been working on this spring and summer
Carmen Nanko-Fernandez
Thank you Marvin.
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
At the Faith-Based Online Learning Directors (FOLD), we've held a series of webinars on various aspects of emergency remote teaching - all online at http://www.distancelearningdirectors.org
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
We have a book coming out in late-August that makes the distinction and provides a series of articles to guide faculty through those ERT/Online distinctions
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
A chapter on Emergency Remote Site Visits would be fun
Marvin Oxenham - ECTE (Europe)
We’ve developed several guidelines in the ECTE which might be useful http://ecte.eu/qa/guidelines/
Paul Cornelius-ATA India
this opens up possibilities for inter agency participation in online visits, at least within ICETE...any thoughts?
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
A good point concerning the "virtual" vs. "real" distinction. Online teaching is real teaching.
Emiola Nihinlola
I am grateful for the coming together of ATS and ICETE to organize this webinar. The two presentations are quiet helpful. The host, co-host and facilitators are greatly appreciated. I will depend on ACTEA Director to raise questions that relate to how to go about this task in the African context. Thanks everyone.
Paul Cornelius-ATA India
Post COVID will also still find institutions struggling financially which could well prolong evaluations via online mode.
Lester Ruiz, ATS
Thank you Dr. Nihinlola. It is very important that these conversations be intentionally attentive to the real unevenness of the globe including the areas of resources broadly defined. I believe that if we don't attend to these differences, the "new normal" has built in issues of parity that need to be attended to.
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
I have 65 students from Eritrea and 6 from Tanzania in my online program at Holy Apostles. I wouldn't have been able to do it without online, especially since the Eritrean government doesn't let the men travel outside their country until they reach age 50.
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
Online is a great leveler for program delivery.
Marvin’s 7 conditions have addressed my concerns. The challenge we have is on infrastructure development to enable this process to move smoothly.
Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi
Does anyone have, or know of, a beginning bibliography for online education, particularly spiritual formation online? Related to this, I'm currently working with a group of field educators (contextual educators) assessing site supervision online for ministerial internships. Since all contextual education has moved online, we are re-learning how professional formation is being done.
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
That would be really useful, Kristina. Stand by.
Marvin Oxenham - ECTE (Europe)
Kristina, I wrote briefly about character education in online mode in my book on Character and Virtue in Theological Education
Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi
Thank you, Sebastian and Marvin! I'll be checking out your book, Marvin.
Carmen Nanko-Fernandez
There is an overwhelming amount of documentation that is curated for an accreditation visit. Sometimes so much so that teams can miss important details (sometimes avoided in self study) because we are so scheduled with f2f meetings Perhaps distance accreditation visits may intentionally schedule the team to look more closely at some of this documentation (eg reading days as part of visit). Syllabi. minutes, etc help to add dimensionality and might lead to more focus in interpersonal meetings online.
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
Okay, Kristina, we'll generate one as an appendix to the book, and I'll make it available for free access at https://www.enroutebooksandmedia.com/realonline by September 1
Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi
Thank you, Sebastian - that is incredibly generous. This will be a helpful resource for us all.
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
Real work in this area of online spiritual formation is being done by Mary and Steve Lowe. Mark Maddix has published on it as well. With one more cup of coffee, I could list another dozen.
Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi
Thank you!
Parush Parushev - ECTE
Friends, I am grateful to you all for the coming together on this webinar. I am having another meeting coming up and I have to leave this meeting. Thank you everyone and blessings
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
That's a good point - so, those who've developed strong online delivery protocols can be used as models for what will have to be a secure kind of visiting protocol.
Yes it is a wonderful opportunity for collaboration. We are also benefiting through this webinar. Thank you very much
Mitzi Budde
This has been most helpful for those of us who have not yet been on an online accreditation visit.
Betty Holley
Thanks for all presenters and the resources that are being shared.
Who is the contact person for the distance learning directors? I am interested in chatting with them more.
Limuel Equina
Thanks a lot for inviting ATESEA to this helpful conversation
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
That's me - Sebastian Mahfood smahfood@holyapostles.edu
Great! Thank you Sebastian
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
I just created the page for the book we're producing at https://enroutebooksandmedia.com/realonline/
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
It'll be available by September 1
Lester Ruiz, ATS
Can we have a picture before we all leave?
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
I'll get the bibliography generated in advance of that
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
Yes, Lester!
Freinds... it was great to listen to the wisdom shared.
Rene Espinosa
Thank you for this helpful presentation and resources.
It was very eye opening. For us in Ethiopia, we are just beginning to start offering our programs online. Therefore, our concern would be to ensure that we have a good beginning. A clear standard would be very helpful in helping institutions be aware of the standard right from the beginning. The sharing of experiences with institutions who have done this is great.
Florence Kamau
Great conversation. paul it's encouraging knowing that online accreditation is possible looking forward to more learning.
Carmen Nanko-Fernandez
Gracias colegas. Wishing you all safety and health.
Sebastian Mahfood Desktop
Great time today, friends!
Bennet Lawrence, ATA
Thank you very much. It was a great help.