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First Hand: Professor Jose Luis Ayuso and the Impact of Covid-19 on Mental Health Services from Madrid, Spain - Shared screen with speaker view
Tony Stevenson
People living with severe mental illness have comorbidities including respiratory illness that places them as a highly vulnerable group
Giulio Castelpietra
the situation in Madrid seems the mirror of Italian situation one week ago. I am glad that you are facing in a similar way we are doing in Italy, with a strong recourse to community MH. And as In Italy, you have a decrease in the number of hospitalizations, consultations, etc. I have rumors from collegues here that they are assisting these days to an important increase in number of consultations, especially for serious suicide attempts, and they are fearing a rebound, where social isolation can be one of the main causes. Are you fearing the same thing in Spain? Thankk you a lot for the presentation!!!
David Perkins
You commented about the importance of an integrated service in enabling an effective response this is not really the case in Australia and we are trying to integrate things not at the start of a crisis. Are you able to comment further about the importance of integrated services in a good response to Covid-19?
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Angus Finlay
Hi, I'm wondering whether you have observed a change in rates of drug- and alcohol-related presentations to emergency departments during the height of the crisis? I'm thinking especially about the implications of managing highly agitated people in EDs that are overwhelmed by high-acuity COVID-positive isolated patients. Thanks.
Do you observe an increase in psychological distress and other mental ill-health issues in the youth population.
Can I just clarify that it is all patients who present to hospital after a suicide attempt who must be seen within 7 days by a psychiatrist? Are they admitted? what happens to the patients who have attempted but have not presented to hospital, but are known to the health system?
Daniel Rock
How is the role of autonomous general practitioners and other generalist clinicians (inc community pharmacists) working in primary care clinics integrated, or are they?
Or it's probably too early to see the impact of COVID 19 on young people mental ill-health.
Luis Salvador
you mention intellectual disabilities: have specific recommendations been enacted for care of this target group?
Apart from mental health services, can you comment on what if any social actions are being taken by the people of Madrid to look after their mental health?
Fiona Davidson
Thank you so much for this presentation.