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Scaling Climate Smart Agriculture - Shared screen with speaker view
Jack Langworthy
Curious who is in this meeting and why. I run NINAYO, we enable farmers to own their crops further up the supply chain, digitally, via their phones. Networking at MC Agrifin meetings have been hugely helpful for my business. I’m hoping to learn the lay of the land for donors, investors and startups in a post covid East Africa
Sophie Oppenheimer
Sophie from RJOF here. We focus on regenerative agriculture to improve food sovereignty and mitigate risk due to climate and market shocks. I’m here to see tech solutions that may help in communication, market access, distribution, etc.
nqobizitha ndlovu
Mandla Nkomo from Solidaridad. Working on a farmer centric approach to develop inclusive and sustainable commodity supply chains. Digital technologies are central to our approach to doing this.
Peter Crane
Hello, I’m an impact investor and co-founder of a global think tank to empower scalable climate solutions.
amalee nsour
Hi, I'm Amalee from the WFP innovation hub in Jordan, working on building the portfolio across food security-climate resilience-water scarcity here
Sohee Hyung
Hello, I'm from Proximity Designs, a social enterprise in Myanmar providing 1) extension services, 2) microirrigation products and 3) financial services to smallholder farmers. I'm from the data team and keen on learning more on how other organizations are bundling microweather info with services
Gloria Olembo
Hi, I am from Arifu, we educate farmers on good agronomic practices, financial literacy, agribusiness skills among others through mobile phones for free.
Sophie Rottmann
Considering Coronavirus outbreak now also in Africa and most people advised to stay at home how can we use existing Mediae (TV, radio) to support families + smallholder families to grow food, sustain themselves and make an income? Let’s collaborate on Shamba Shape Up, Shamba Chef and other programmes! https://shambashapeup.com/
mukami Gitau
Leesa Shrader
Hi Everyone! Please remember to send through your questions on the chat and we will go through them in the Q&A!
Mahendra Shahi
Appreciate if you could share some tips to mitigate the national resistances in a cash based, heavenly subsidized economy where farmers do rainfed agriculture. Though the mitigation measures may be contextual.
nqobizitha ndlovu
1. Keen to understand the kind of technology tools that have proved useful for Pula to be able to build successful products ? Beside a diversified route to market, what have been the critical success factors .
mukami Gitau
Hi, am Mukami representing Agrocares - we innovate in nutrient testing to offer on spot soil testing for SHF. Placing Soil nutrient information in the hands of farmers for improved yields.
Joram Mathenge
Kiangure Springs Environment Initiative (KSEI) is a registered Community Based Organization under the laws of Kenya that works towards enhancing resilience of communities towards impacts of climate change in the Aberdare and Mt.Kenya ecosystems of Kenya.We are
Stewart Collis
Last year's CTA-Dalberg Digitalization in African Agriculture Report states that just 13% of farmers in SSA are registered on digital services. What are the biggest barriers you see to increasing this percentage?
Mahendra Shahi
Its great to see the digitization of the services that work for a large number of farmers. This is more important in and after the COVID-19 crisis when movements are restricted, curfew imposed, social or physical distancing maintained. I wonder are their any issues around data protection and integrity, if yes how are the measures in place?
Giulia Bassetto
Hello, thank you for your insightful inputs! I’d like to know if any of you is working with agroecology? if so, which climate-smart tools have you been using or might use in order to implement and spread it locally or regionally?
Joram Mathenge
We are Enhancing Agriculture Value Chain Actors Accessibility to Climate Information in Kenya through mobile technology
David Nanfumba
Hello. I am attending from Uganda in East Africa. Glad to be part of this meeting and am glad to meet participants.David Nanfumba,Food Security and Agriculture Specialistnanfumbada@gmail.com+256704634588
Patrick Obodoekea
I am Patrick Obodoekea from AgroMall Discovery and Extension Services Limited. My question is to Samir who represents SunCulture. We have identified irrigation as the greatest need of smallholder farmers to build resilience to climate change and engage in all year round farmers to improve their income. Our focus is on low cost solution since smallholder farmers are in the low income bracket and I would want to know how much of SunCulture solution can be considered as low cost solution?
Emma Feenstra
Hi, Emma here from Fair & Sustainable Consulting. Wondering what are some of the successful strategies when promoting use of digital technologies in remote/conservative agri communities?
Steve Collins
A question. Thanks for this. How do we deal with Data costs? I note the COVID response WhatsApp is for free. Can't we get cheap data for registered apps that help farmers. Thanks Steve Collins USAID Resilient Waters Program
Betty Maru
We run Digital Farmers Kenya with currently our farmers are encountering huge loses due to Covid 19. How can we assist farmers in managing post harvest loses since accessing market has became difficult, or better still work with other partners to access markets.
Marc Huemmer
I am Marc Huemmer from GIZ working for the Make-IT in Africa project. Make-IT in Africa promotes tech-entrepreneuship in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Tunesia and Rwanda. We have just kick-off a new component focussing on D4Ag.
Henry Maloba
Hello, Henry from Arifu based in Nairobi. Henry MalobaDirector, Financial Services, ArifuKenya: +254(0)722727774
Anna Carthy
Hello from Dublin! I am beginning some research at the University of Oxford into just transitions in agriculture in response to climate change/environmental degradation.
Anna Carthy
Anna Carthy
Very happy to connect with anyone who is interested
chandrakanth ps
Hello from
chandrakanth ps
hello from India !! Chandra here from Cropin www.cropin.com , happy to connect at Chandra @cropin.com ( digital farm and farmer technology provider )
Joram Mathenge
One of the challenges we are having on the ground is that most farmers cannot afford mobile data all through to be ale to access some of the online services.
Emma Feenstra
How do you ensure digital and technological innovations do not increase the gender gap in agriculture and further put women at a disadvantage (less access to phones, information etc)?
Sara Delaney
Just joining and a bit confused - I thought this was scheduled to start at 3 PM GMT?
Sara Delaney
And the google calendar link was set for it to start, 2 minutes from now. But it looks like it is finishing
Mike Tweed
@Sara Yes likewise!
Mike Tweed
I will catch the replay :)
Anna Carthy
Unfortunately, it was actually BST (British Summer Time) so it started 1 hour ago
Leesa Shrader
If you have questions that have not been addressed during this call, please feel free to forward them to the call host and we will address them after the call over email (eholtkotte@mercycorps.org). Thanks and hope you enjoyed the webinar!
Sitati Kituyi
Great questions Emma, regarding the gender gap. At Pula the insured party is typically whoever walks in to the agrodealer store to buy the insured input. In Kenya more than 50% are women, in northern Nigeria it's less than 10% women.
'Dayo Mosobalaje
Hi! I am Dayo Mosobalaje from KickStart W/Africa(dayo.mosobalaje@kickstart.org).In view of the huge number of BOP smallholder farmers requiring climate smart technology to break out of poverty, could other low cost, more sustainable irrigation technologies be considered along the solar tech option? Would Meccy Corp be open to discussions/partnership in this regard?
Sitati Kituyi
(contd on gender gap) Ultimately biases in either your point of registration, or gender gap in the tools you use to deliver your service, can also show up in your usage. It has to be a deliberate effort to overcome this and meet the otherwise marginalised users in the correct context (for example, by going to the farm itself)
Pamela Anyoti
Samir, can we continue discussion later. Am at pamela@asantemama.com. www.asantemama.com
Ben Boxer
Thanks for the great webinar Leesa and panel - good to hear that innovations and solutions are starting to come through.
Wangeci Wachira
thank you!
Ng'apesur Emmanuel
Thank you