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Virtual Business Forum: A conversation with Workforce Solutions and the UTRGV Small Business Development Center - Shared screen with speaker view
Lillie Delgado
Angela Wolf
Currently, we are not planning layout anyone due to COVID-19 and are open since we have testing tents setup at UTRGV and hospitals. We are planning to seek the paycheck protection program.If I have someone who is caring for a child whose school or place of care is closed due to COVID-19. Walk me through this process from the time the employee notifies the employer?Forms?First two weeks paid or unpaid?When do the 12 weeks start? For example, if an employee says today 3-30-20 they need time off when would they come back to work?Is the pay 100% or 2/3%???What happens if they are unable to get documents from the daycare that is unable to open and provide child care. Does the employee need this documentation for anything?Thank you,Angie WolfRental World, LLC
Lillie Delgado
Barbara I cant hear you, you're muted
Margiee PEREZ
how are non profits helped
Maria Juarez
The PPP is part of the recently signed CARES Act, so details will be coming out soon...
Felipe Salinas
Are industry membership organizations usually 501c6, too?
Gary Ancelin
If my business does not currently need direct support but due to the uncertainty that surrounds the length of time social distancing orders will be in place, the lag and pace of the re-opening of the economy and a myriad of other variables, should I apply for disaster relief prior to need or when need is apparent. Do we apply through the SBA only? What about duplicate applications to different entities?
Felipe Salinas
I lost the meeting for several minutes. If not already covered, we need guidance on differences between EIDL and Payroll Protection loans. Can both be applied for, or only one or the other? Any special rules for nonprofits? Will Payroll Protection also start through SBA?
Felipe Salinas
And do we know yet if Payroll Protection will use an existing SBA form, or will it be a new form?
Felipe Salinas
I understand that the loan forgiveness option only applies to Payment Protection, and that it will apply if the employer has not laid people off. How about if someone has reduced people's hours in the last week or two? Is what will be looked at whether total payroll is the same 8 weeks after the loan starts, or whether the same employees are still on board at the same FTE?
Maria Juarez
Thank you, everyone!
Felipe Salinas
Thank you, Barbara, Anthony, and team for providing this valuable resource! And, thank you to our SBDC and Workforce Solutions presenters!
Randy Summers
Thank you Barbara and chamber, as well as the presenters today, for providing all the valuable information.
Eddie Picasso
Thank you Miss Barbara and all speakers.
Erick Diaz
Thank you so much for the information!
Jeff Walker
Thanks, be safe & continue to pray!
jessica estevez
Thank you all!!
Alex Montenegro
Stay safe everyone!!!
Mari Aviles
Very useful information has been presented. Thank you, everyone!