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Plenary Speaker: Robert Blancato and Wrap Up - Shared screen with speaker view
Shari Schwartz
chat now open to all
Jeanne Bishop-Parise
Where's the balance between highest, best practices and affordability?
Dean Schmidt
ACL did a phenomenal job getting funding out to states timely with Cares Relief Funds, do you anticipate this to be impacted by lack of Administrator being appointed
Marife Aczon-Armstrong
Can you clarify what exactly do you mean by modernized adult day care? Does it include a partnership with child day care? This was a concept that worked well in Hawaii. Can this be implemented here in NV?
Peter Reed
I was just saying hi! Thanks so much for everything you are doing!
Leah Guevara
I really appreciated all of the important information presented. Thank you.
Verla Niebuhr
Does anyone know of a speaker I could reach out to who could present on Elder Abuse for our Cleveland Clinic lunch & learn program?
Meredith Whitmire
Hi Verla, please send me an email at mponder@matzblancato.com and I can help you out
Verla Niebuhr
Thank you, Meredith
Meredith Whitmire
You're welcome! :)
Dean Schmidt
Verla - You can also email me, Dena Schmidt at dschmidt@adsd.nv.gov if you would like one of our Adult Protective Services managers to present at your lunch & learn
Dean Schmidt
Thank you Bob, that was great
Verla Niebuhr
Thank you so much!
Shari Schwartz
Thank you! "May the Schwartz be with you!"
Jennifer Carson
Thank you, Jeff Klein and NSS Team, for bringing this awesome virtual learning opportunity to Nevada! It was packed full of great information that will help us navigate future challenges and opportunities. I am full of gratitude for all of the speakers and the hard work that has gone into planning this event. Kudos on a job well done!
Anna Olsen_Figueroa
thank you for all the information, for the positivity and energy shared with us today.
Sabra McWhirter Clark
Thanks all for this excellent conference. I look forward to making new connections, and increasing the ways we can reach and serve in the community.
Coby Abbott
Thank you very much. :-)