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Kitsap Pandemic Community Support Coalition - Shared screen with speaker view
Jeff Alevy
Congressman Kilmer, are you able to share the positive testing #'s from military in the area? Thank you...Jeff
Airen Lydick
Airen Lydick here. If Karen doesn't cover it in her time, I will give an update from Kitsap ERACE Coallition and our recent open letter "COVID-19 and Community"
Airen Lydick
Kitsap ERACE Coalition's open letter, "COVID-19 and Community" https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KDFV8DLzAAdRwvxq43X-bVd9PqUls8cc/view?usp=drivesdk
Jessica Guidry
Got on the call late. I wanted to share that the Health District launched a community COVID-19 survey that will be closed on April 30th. The purpose of this survey is to better understand Kitsap County residents' perceptions of COVID-19 illness in the community and how residents are coping during the pandemic. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/COVIDhealthKPHD
Jessica Guidry
Also, late last week, the Health District published a report that has demographic details (gender, age, race) of our COVID-19 cases. The report also includes data on hospitalizations and symptoms and is on the Health District's website. Here's the link: https://kitsappublichealth.org/CommunityHealth/files/COVID/COVID-CaseDetailsReport.pdf
Airen Lydick
Questions: Does the metric for improving ability to protect those in facilities include addressing prisons/jails among those facilities? Also, if the request for increased support/protection must come from the facility, does that mean those runningnit? How does this metric address the inequities at play for those who are living (or held) in facilities?
Kirsten Jewell
With the Governor allowing some sectors to return to work with requirements for having adequate PPE for employees, how can the recovery plan include assisting these sectors in obtaining PPE so that they can actually be part of the economic recovery?
Airen Lydick
Is there a role in the chart for a person at the top team level whose focus is systemic equity analysis? Who? And how do we contact that person with support, questions, etc.?
Michele Laboda
Anna Miller
Rob Gelder, Kitsap County
Jay Lovato