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Legislating in a Pandemic: Strategies for Transparent & Remote Governance - Shared screen with speaker view
Erin Koegel
Rep. Erin Koegel, Minnesota House of Representatives, District 37A- North metro area of the Twin Cities
Drew we Gattine
Good afternoon folks. Drew Gattine, representing Westbrook in the Maine House of Representatives
Melissa Provenzano
Rep. Melissa Provenzano, Oklahoma House of Representatives, District 79 Tulsa area
Daniel Schuman, daniel@demandprogress.org
Hi panelists and attendees! I'm Daniel Schuman, with Demand Progress, and my email is Daniel@demandprogress.org
NH State Rep. Timothy Horrigan
I am NH State Rep. Timothy Horrigan (Durham & Madbury) — Durham is where UNH is.
Jacob Marx
Thanks everyone for having us. Great work with this presentation. Feel free to email me at Jacob.marx@mail.house.gov with any follow up.
Sunila Chilukuri (SiX, she/her)
Thanks so much for your help Jacob!
NH State Rep. Timothy Horrigan
What if, as in the case of the NH House with 400 members, it takes forever to read all the names. hear the responses. & record the votes?
Erin Koegel
I was wondering that as well, is there a yes no button for some of these platforms where the role could be taken without calling the role
Erin Koegel
Daniel Schuman, daniel@demandprogress.org
@Tom, fwiw, I've often fed legislators questions by email when they're on the dais....
Katie Hester
Can we view that mock hearing anywhere? That would be awesome!
Daniel Schuman, daniel@demandprogress.org
It's online! Let me find the video
Marci Harris
Katie Hester
Marci - How can I reach you after this? katie@katiefryhester.com
Daniel Schuman, daniel@demandprogress.org
Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvFxmi6e9ZY
Daniel Schuman, daniel@demandprogress.org
Marci's email is marci@popvox.com
Daniel Schuman, daniel@demandprogress.org
Here is guidance from Zoom on how to control your proceeding so that you can't be zoom bombed https://blog.zoom.us/wordpress/2020/03/20/keep-uninvited-guests-out-of-your-zoom-event/
Katie Hester
Alexandre Chateaubriand
How ADA Accessible are any of these tools? Have they been tested with folks who are hearing or sight impaired?
Jessie Ulibarri (SiX, he/him/his)
@Tom when I served in the Colorado Senate, we changed the rules to allow electronic communication devices (cell phones) to be allowed on the Senate floor, which we ultimately adopted. We had a similar debate about moderating activity (e.g. activity from lobbyists to sway votes), and relied on Senate decorum to hold each other accountable for violating rules.
Marci Harris
happy to share takeaways from our mock hearing marci@popvox.com
Daniel Schuman, daniel@demandprogress.org
ADA is a significant concern. Some tools like Zoom create automatic transcripts in near real time.
Daniel Schuman, daniel@demandprogress.org
On one hand, it's easier to participate in proceedings for most people. And some services, like YouTube, also automatically create transcripts. And if you broadcast this on your local tv, there may be closed captioning opportunities as well
Daniel Schuman, daniel@demandprogress.org
So the ADA is likely to be similar to current practices, which IMO are not always sufficient, but we're not lowering access through these techniques
NH State Rep. Timothy Horrigan
The doc-sharing wd be useful even in conventional hearings… in the NH His, emails often don’t get seen, witnesses don’t bring enough copies or even format their docs to actually say at the top who wrote them & when & in reference to what.
NH State Rep. Timothy Horrigan
*NH House
NH State Rep. Timothy Horrigan
(individual members dont have staff in NH)
Daniel Schuman, daniel@demandprogress.org
(FWIW, the European Parliament has moved to remote proceedings and is managing to simultaneously translate to half a dozen languages)
Daniel Schuman, daniel@demandprogress.org
This is a link to the first mock hearing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvFxmi6e9ZY
Daniel Schuman, daniel@demandprogress.org
The second one will be soon.
Daniel Schuman, daniel@demandprogress.org
Here's a link to Marci's blogpost on the remote proceedings https://medium.com/g21c/mock-remote-hearing-and-markup-tests-viability-of-a-virtual-congress-9971b0a13559
Sunila Chilukuri (SiX, she/her)
One question I’ll be queuing up next from an NC Rep: I've heard that in my state (NC) some believe we would need a Constitutional Amendment in order to have a voting session without meeting in person in the chamber. Do you know if that's true in some cases, or if you are advocating to just interpret the definition of "present" differently?
NH State Rep. Timothy Horrigan
Make sure they are PDF’s. Period.
Drew we Gattine
In Maine we adjourned early on March 17, hoping that we will be able to come back as soon as we can to complete a bunch of unfinished work. We did enact an emergency bill to allow public meetings at the local level using remote participation. So far in my community the City Council and School Committee have now both met using Zoom for the first time. It seems to be successful, although I think the issues that Sunila raised about inclusion of all be taken into account tracked and addressed. We did require that all actions at such meetings be taken by a roll call. I am also very mindful that many people in Maine (low income people and people in rural areas) don’t have access to reliable internet, or any internet at all. Our bill is LD 2167.
Daniel Schuman, daniel@demandprogress.org
Here's guidance from ZOOM on how to avoid Zoom bombing. https://blog.zoom.us/wordpress/2020/03/20/keep-uninvited-guests-out-of-your-zoom-event/
Vicki Simarano
SiX resources on democracy and voting related to COVID-19 https://stateinnovation.org/coronavirus/#democracy
Katie Hester
Hey Drew, we also adjourned early in Maryland, and are hoping to go back to special session — still sorting out if it can be remote or not.
Daniel Schuman, daniel@demandprogress.org
Sign-on letters, drafting legislation, press attention
NH State Rep. Timothy Horrigan
Daniel Schuman, daniel@demandprogress.org
Thank you for joining -- stay safe, and good luck!