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Fintech, Chaos or Opportunity: How has Fintech and the access to unvetted online content affected your investment decisions? - Shared screen with speaker view
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CFA Institute Webinars
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CFA Institute Webinars
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Chinazom Chidolue
How important is it for you, as a founder, to be nationalistic in your investing advice? How do you balance building a solid diversified investment portfolio with geographical diversity, but also ensure you are “nationalistic” - investing in your own nation, in order to avoid capital flight from the African country to say the US stock market.
Timothy Ahumuza
How do we encourage more African entities to list?
Caroline Owino
What have you seen African governments and regulatory bodies doing to filter the unvetted online content that is driving poor investment decisions and what more can be done?
CFA Institute Webinars
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