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COVID-19 -Stay Strong & Offer Your Classes Online - Shared screen with speaker view
Susan Cline Lucey
Was this email created on Punchpass?
Amanda Gonzalez-Barone
No, I used MailChimp, but you could also send via Punchpass
Susan Cline Lucey
Thanks Amanda.
Amanda Gonzalez-Barone
You're welcome
Karen Jesseau Tan
What settings do you recommend?
Susan Cline Lucey
Is there a way to have the recording expire after a certain number hours, so that it lasts a few hours but not forever?
Karen Jesseau Tan
We trialed Zoom but as a dance fitness studio the quality of the music paired with movement is imperative. The music was not great and there were delays… suggestions?
Karen Jesseau Tan
Also, we are shut 100% (legislated to do so)… there are so many fitness professionals offering videos on FB and YouTube for free… it feels like a money grab to demand a fee… thoughts?
Asd dd
Adding to audio question, I would love to know on how to improve video as well. Is there way to connect your dslr or video camera to the computer. so streaming using that rather than computer's webcam.
Susan Cline Lucey
Does zoom automatically cut off at the end of the scheduled time? I was told by someone that they were using it and it cut them off when their scheduled time ended.
Polli Bush
Any tips for video quality. Its perfect at face level but very blurry when the instructor moves far enough from the camera to display her full body and range of motion?
Karen Jesseau Tan
Does the music need to be on the computer to provide the necessary quality? With multiple instructors with their multiple playlists on multiple devices it’s not possible to have it on the single computer being used in studio...
Mav Wynn
So we have separate agreements with you and Zoom?
Jennifer Elchuk
Is it possible to record with a different device and then upload, instead of recording directly through zoom?
Jennifer Elchuk
Is it possible to record with a different device and then upload, instead of recording directly through zoom?
brave pietri
can you set up a first time free ticket online without making it a discount code?
Sandi Russi
Any tips for sound? I've heard that it is important to get a decent wireless speaker / headset for sound quality. Also, I will be doing this from home... need to mute out external sounds... we live near train.
Nicole Mahncke
can you type what you just said about sound?
Nicole Mahncke
I missed it
Nicole Mahncke
the one from the dance studio
Nicole Mahncke
thank you!!
Victoria Carr-Jones
If you connect yourself with wireless headphones/micropphone to your computer, but play your music on a speaker near your computer…it was the best of both worlds (as much as it can be).I tried that with my dance students today, and it seemed to work pretty well.In regards to playlists, its easy to share links to playlists via iTunes, Spotify, and youtube.
Nicole Sciortino
Yeah that’s super helpful. So basically if we hook a mic up to whatever we’re recording with is going to improve the audio quality?
Tom Caristo
how do i add a time box on zoom so i can keep on how long into the class I am?
Sandi Russi
Thank you! Very helpful webinar. :) Best of luck to all.
Nicole Mahncke
thank you!! anymore audio help is much appreciated
Maeve Ferris
Really great and helpful thank you!
Jennifer Elchuk
Thank you!!
Laura Mensen
Thank you so much! - this is really great