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Diversity Committee Quarterly Conversations: Understanding Intersectionality for Everyday Inclusive Practices - Shared screen with speaker view
XYPN Webinars
For those who have asked about the slides, I’ll be posting the video recording and the slides in the Recorded Webinars section in the Member Forums
XYPN Webinars
Hi Tara, yes I’ll post them in the forums along with the video
Jeff Fox
One sentiment I’ve seen with some young people of all backgrounds is a defeatist attitude: that for them, saving money is impossible (partially due to systems of oppression). how do we encourage making more, saving more, and investing without being insensitive or capitalist oppressors (aka “the man”) :)
Tara Unverzagt
Understanding cultural differences, like someone that immigrated from a country with high inflation may spend more because their experience is :savings loses value" that may not make sense here but make sense that they had those habits.
Deja Foster
Great Job Cori! I have learned a lot. Going to listen to this answer and then hop off! but kudos on the work you are doing.
Ryan Frailich
One question someone sent to me: Any thoughts you have on the phrase "people of color?" I've heard various perspectives so curious what the academic perspective is on the term.
Tara Unverzagt
The score is kept by dollars and not making our society better.