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Loving our Neighbors during Covid-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Laura Roberson
Can’t unmute at the moment but wondering about what kind of support we can show to medical and safety first responders
Chris Williams
I believe this is a great opportunity to prepare pre-made meals or non-perishable meals
Amanda Osenga
Just a quick hello and wanted to say THANKS for hosting this space. Love the idea of knitting :) I’ve got to host a meeting with our middle school students, so I’m signing off. Again, thank you!!
Michael Poulos
Great question Laura! And thanks Amanda!
Linda Harding
I think that is a great question regarding 1st responders - my daughter is a nurse and right now no visitors to the hospital - not sure if they would take food? But I think you could deliver cards at the door to encourage them.
Michael Poulos
sending gift cards, personal notes etc. to nurses and doctors and chaplains…
Laura Roberson
Also, many children will need immense support with online schooling. We have a tutoring program so the connection is there. Wonder for other folks if you can partner with a specific school to help kids over something like zoom. Even high schoolers with elementary schoolers
Chris Williams
Hello Laura, this is what Shelby County is Doing: https://www.scsk12.org/instructionalresources/grades
Linda Harding
If your church is near a school as soon as we move out of this contact them!