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Kitsap Pandemic Community Support Coalition - Shared screen with speaker view
Emily Sato
I'm joining on behalf of Chairman Leonard Forsman, who is unable to attend.
Carol Kowalski
YMCA VP Resource Development, Lee Ann Jansen is on the call as is David Emmons Philanthropy Director Haselwood YMCA along with me Carol Kowalski, Director Planned Giving YMCA. Unfortunately we all show up on the screen as me. We'll fix that in the future.
Shaine Schramling
Kurt Wiest
Bremerton Housing Authority administers a local rental assistance program targeted to households between 40-60% of AMI who are in danger of eviction because of unforeseen financial hardship. The program is funded this year (2020) with $100,000 from the City of Bremerton and $100,000 from BHA unrestricted funds. BHA recently set up a 5019(c)(3) non-profit entity, “Sound Communities” that can receive private donations to add to the fund. Application for funds are directly through BHA. BHA offices are currently closed to the public but open for core operations.
Katy Crabtree (Derek Kilmer's office)
Katy Crabtree - Rep. Kilmer's office. katy.crabtree@mail.house.gov - 360.838.3156
Jeff Alevy
KCR operations are still being delivered thoughut Kitsap County. Services being delivered include: Housng and Rental Assistance, Energy subsidies, Veterans Assistance, Weatherization, Food service for Meals on Wheels and 2 Navy child care centers, Community Jobs, WIOA and AmeriCorps members are assisting the United Way's 2-1-1 call center. Early Learning is being offered to children of first responders and medical personnel families. Head Start is being delivered to 380 children through remote learning and lesson plans. Donations for tmeporary relief or to general fund can be made through this fund or at www.kcr.org Updates occur daily on our website as to capacity and any change in services. We are open and here for the commnity!
Daryl Daugs
Daryl Daugs, Liaison Officer (temporary assignment)Kitsap County Department of Emergency ManagementEmail: ddaugs@co.kitsap.wa.usDirect Line: (360) 337-7075Personal Cell: (360) 440-1947
Patrick Wright
Trying but this system keeps changing my settings
Carol Kowalski
YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap County contacts:
Kol Medina
Folks, feel free to put questions here if you have a question for one of the speakers.
Kathy Cocus
Kitsap Economic Development Alliance
Kathy Cocus
Kathy Cocus
Kathy Cocus
Kathy Cocus
Tracy Flood
Tracy S. Flood Attorney at Law President NAACP Unit 1134 naacpbremerton@yahoo.com
Kathy Cocus
we have a dedicated COVID-10 page on our website for business resources: http://kitsapeda.org/media-center/
Tracy Flood
We are looking at phone trees and postcards.
Lee Ann Jansen
Hi Jessica, the Y can help get information out. Lee Ann Jansen, Ljansen@ymcapkc.org
Linda Owens
Jessica, churches reach out to many folks.
Airen's Computer
Airen Lydick (Facilitator, Consultant, Community Organizer) a.lydick@gmail.com, 206-963-9653listening on behalf of:(1) Kitsap Mutual Aid During COVID-19;(2) "2020 Spring Break Youth Empowerment Pack" online conference by Living Life Leadership, and also(3) Kitsap Showing Up for Racial Justice
State Senator Christine.Rolfes@leg.wa.gov, 360-786-7644
Jessica Guidry
Hi. I am the Emergency Preparedness & Response Program Manager at the Health. For our COVID-19 response, I supervise our Community Relations Operations Section. I will copy the comments in this chatbox to share with our team. If you have recommendations or can help the Health District get information out to our community, please feel free to contact me at Jessica.guidry@kitsappublichealth.org or (360) 509-0966. I'm especially in learning how to we can reach hard-to-reach communities.
Jessica Guidry
Sorry, I meant "at Kitsap Public Health District."
Jessica Guidry
Kitsap Public Health District's COVID-19 page: https://kitsappublichealth.org/CommunityHealth/CoronaVirus.php
Anna Miller
Carol Kowalski
YMCA OF PIERCE AND KITSAP COUNTIES RESPONSE TO COMMUNITY NEEDCEO Charlie Davis Message to Community: https://youtu.be/peuKneR29AYFor our Key Stakeholders and Volunteers https://www.ymcapkc.org/give/community-needs/ The Y is Caring for Children of our first responders, medical professionals and essential workers who bravely serve us all. These workers will be able to focus on their jobs as their kids receive a safe and enriching day of fun and care.The Y is a part of our state and counties' emergency response effortsThe Y is partnering. We are working closely with healthcare providers, school districts, and other community partners across both counties to provide needed care for kids of the families of essentials workers.Care for children across Pierce Immediate care for children in Kitsap. On March 16, we began providing care for up to 300 children in Kitsap County. On March 23, we will begin serving up to 600 children in Pierce County.Removing barriers. This is no cost to the families.
Robert Gelder
I have a Board briefing at 2 and will need to depart in about 5 minutes
David Emmons
Thank you Shannon and Kitsap Bank! Always a learner in the community for non profits organizations
Shaine Schramling
Reminder to folks to mute your line if you aren't talking. It'll cut back on the background noise. Thanks
Kathy Cocus
for employees seeking answers about COVID-19 resources: There is a pro-bono site set up related to COVID-19; I suggest you start there: https://hkm.com/seattle/coronavirus/ -- pro bono hotline and resource center
Jeff Alevy
Matt - any idea on when we may have tests with a faster turnaround time on results?
Daryl Daugs
I have to step away for an EOC meeting.
Airen's Computer
Thank you, Dr. Lillian, for the reminder to stay connected to community and to reach out to the vulnerable and isolated. <3
Matt Wheelus
A question came up around testing turnaround and capacity. We are seeing a 2-3 day turnaround for our hospital testing. Our Triage Centers are seeing 3-4 day turnaround. There efforts at the UW and the State lab to increase capacity to decrease turnaround times as well as allow for more testing. Also, many hospital systems are looking to bring the testing in-house to be able to increase capacity and decrease turnaround times.
Anna Miller
Love what you are doing with mutual aid, Airen! So awesome
Airen's Computer
Kitsap Community Mutual Aid During COVID-19.This is a MUTUAL AID resource for/by Kitsap community! #MutualAid #Kitsap #COVID19.Want to help someone out? See the requests people have made at:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e4EcQAaZ3u3o2YGuyzqjoB2cI9yfnQuX78Hs1UemLB0/edit?usp=sharing.Ask your Kitsap community for what you need at:https://forms.gle/t9mDT1Zd6dSzpUyUA..The above links are posted on the Kitsap Community COVID-19 Support & Solidarity page on Facebook, so follow that, and then you can easily find your way back to the those links!https://www.facebook.com/kitsapcovid19solidarity.REQUEST: Please share the information (including links) listed above..In case you're new to the idea of "mutual aid," here's a bit of info.Mutual Aid projects:*** are collective and collaborative*** draw power/perspective from being horizontalist and inclusive*** center engagement, practice, and skills-development*** challenge disposability*** are active
Airen's Computer
If you have questions about Kitsap Community Mutual Aid During COVID-19, please write to contactairen@gmail.com.
Kathy Cocus
Airen -- there is a similar list for volunteers on the NIK Community Facebook page -- https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=North%20Kitsap%20Community%20list&epa=SEARCH_BOX
Airen's Computer
"2020 Spring Break Empowerment Pack" for youth and families is online and interactive March 30, March 31, and April 1.https://www.facebook.com/events/191319868854163/
Airen's Computer
Yes, please add me to that email list, Tracy. Thank you!
Carol Kowalski
Please share the YMCA's FREE VIRTUAL classes, workouts, youth programming to stay connected with others here: https://www.ymcapkc.org/ (Y360) Over 17,000 Kitsap and Pierce neighbors have taken advantage of this in the past few days!
Kurt Wiest
The LDS Bishops Storehouse and Home Storage Center, a food bank and bulk commodity outlet located in Bremerton remains open with volunteers on Wednesday and Saturdays. Clients are served using CDC protocols. Humanitarian aid contributions to other food banks in the county are possible as needs are presented. Contact person is Kurt Wiest, kgwiest@aol.com.
David Emmons
Thank you Kol for bringing this group together!
Airen's Computer
Thanks, Kol.
J Hopper
Thanks, don't forget to save the chat!