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Polk Co EOC COVID Stakeholders Briefing - Shared screen with speaker view
Pam Rosa
Besides wearing masks, socially distancing and other mitigation efforts, how can non-medical people assist the healthcare community and what are they needing?
liz cox
Tony Leys
Do you have the resources you need to distribute the vaccine? The department had said earlier that it expected federal money to help with that effort. Is that money forthcoming?
Susan Sims
If there will be mass vaccination clinics, are you looking to call for volunteers to assist with that mobilization?
Heidi Ball
I am sorry, if this was talked about. I had to take a call. Will this power point be posted somewhere? To refer to?
Chuck Isenhart
what additional assistance do you need from state government?
JB Conlin
What is the plan for excess hospital capacity once beds are full? When is this expected to occur based on projections?
Loretta Adams
Team Rubicon is always standing by to assist with volunteers if needed.
Hollie Schlesselman
The governor said this morning that students/teachers are contracting the virus from outside sources, not in-school transmission. Is that what Polk County health officials are finding?
Loretta Adams
For the mass vaccine clinics - you need mentioned a website to sign up to volunteer on the medical side. Will there also be other opportunities to volunteer in those clinics for non medical personnel?
Chuck Isenhart
Do not hesitate to include your state legislators in communications with state agencies when there is information you need or a more prompt response.
Chuck Isenhart
The agencies legislative liaisons have been very helpful in getting attention to requests.
Renee Miller
Thanks to all of you for your diligence and leadership!
Thomas Benzoni
Y'all make me proud!