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Our property manager requested our situation to be outlined in a letter that they present to the property owner. What should we be careful to put in writing?
Andrea Tromberg
Our landlord allowed us to only defer the CAM. No other concessions for our commercial space that is basically empty. Should we expect to see a reduction in CAM based on the fact the building is empty, less usage. How can we go about insisting that CAM be reduced or that we expect to see it reduced. Do we have any leverage?
Restaurant business - We have been fully closed for three weeks
Frido Van Mossel
QUESTION: What happens when my landlord would get into financial trouble? If my landlord goes out of business, what happens to the building and what would happen to my lease?
David Lekach
scott - I feel like you are painting a pretty picture RE tenant landlord relations right now... its not just restaurants - I know dentist offices that are closed and the landlord (RK - in this instance) doesn't give a s_it and says pay everything you owe now or we'll change your locks. I know event planners that reach out to landlord and landlords are asking for a huge amount of info just to see what to offer the tenant... I know therapists or nurtitionists that are forced to keep paying rents (cause there are personal guarantees) even though they cant access their office or see patients and so on...
David Lekach
so what recourse do tenants really have and how do landlords try to mitigate this as best as possible?
We have cash on hand, but have to reserve for payroll which would get us through May 15. If PPP comes through we'll have more breathing room, but 25% of the PPP dollars won't even cover 1 full month of rent (10 retail leases). I don't want to lie to my LL, saying that I don't have any money, but how do I still explain that I can't pay? Some LLs think they'll get paid in whole with PPP money and the reality is they are not.Part 2: Repayment over the last 6 months of the year is not likely feasible given unknowns post shutdown. We just don't know what percent revenue we'll be operating at.
Andy Henriquez
Andy Henriquez
How do we contact him about agreement
Andy Henriquez
where is email?
Miren Oca
since we have extra time can he touch on force majeure?
Miren Oca
He said it would take too much time to discuss. I have a force majeure clause in my contract.
Karyn Brown, ExecuHive (EOSOFLO Executive Director)
I will send his info in the whatsapp chat
One LL required financials before negotiating deferment. How much financial transparency should I agree to?
Andy Henriquez
What is email and contact information?
Andy Henriquez
Thank you!
David Tuaty
Thanks so much