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Alliance for Early Success StateFedConnect Call: the CARES Act & Small Business aid, plus tools for federal delegation outreach - Shared screen with speaker view
Helene Stebbins
Please put your questions in the Q & A box. You can open that box at the bottom of your screen, between Screen share and More.
Helene Stebbins
A recording of the call, the slides, and the Q&A will be emailed on Monday.
Lynette Fraga
One last item... many have been wondering about the CDC guidance for Child Care. I just wanted to let folks know that CCAoA is hosting expert from CDC on a webinar on Monday at 3 PM which will address many of the questions noted in the field. You can visit childcareaware.org to register.
Danielle Ewen
Virginia decision document: https://www.vecf.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Child_Care_Guide.pdf
Stacy Lee
Thank you! that works!