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Preparing health workers for COVID-19: Putting theory into practice - Shared screen with speaker view
Perle Laouenan-Catchpole
Please let us know in the Q&A if you have questions we will have regular Q&A breaks during the webinar.
Perle Laouenan-Catchpole
Thank you for staying on the webinar. Please note we are recording this webinar and will share the link on our website; Safe-care.org you will be able watch the webinar here if you are not able to stay longer.
Mohamud Ali
much appreciated
Perle Laouenan-Catchpole
You can download resources to help you prepare here including this checklist here: https://www.safe-care.org/news/safecare-covid-19-resources-for-healthcare-facilities/
Perle Laouenan-Catchpole
Thank you for your questions today. As we have run out time please send your questions to ourteam at info@safe-care.org and they will support you directly.
Wanjiru Nduhiu
well put, thank you so much for this informative session. Carol from Nairobi Kenya