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Community Q&A on Reopening Plan - Shared screen with speaker view
Kelli Fisher
I just looked at a brief overview of the rural district metrics. Since we are attached to Lane county as a whole, we don't qualify.
Kelli Fisher
That is what the governor meant to happen. The new metrics were intended to help counties like Malheur and Crook in which students and families do very little traveling between towns. We are too close to Springfield/Eugene and depend on them to meet daily needs ie: groceries.
Jeff Litle
Diane I am pricing the Fountains right now to replace old aging drinking fountains at the high school. So yes we will have the same ones as at the elementary.
Stacey Whaley
We have access to some grants that can help offset the costs of internet for some families. Please make sure to fill out the free/reduced lunch forms as eligibility will be related to that.