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Financing blue carbon: What pathways to mobilise global capital? - Shared screen with speaker view
Rosa Maria Roman Cuesta
@Bernard. Many thanks. What is the process to submit projects for potential funding? We have been trying to contact the Livelihoods Funds with several proposals but the way to offer potential sites is very unclear.
Bernard Giraud
We are constantlly looking for new investment opportunities. Minimum size of a Livelihoods mangrove project is 3,000 Ha preferably 5,000-10.000Ha. Happy to welcome proposals.
Rosa Maria Roman Cuesta
@Rob We are working in the Caribbean on their role as green infrastructure against hurricanes (and their inclusion in risk reduction policies). How can countries join this initiative of Blue Bonds. Is there a facilitated process?
Rosa Maria Roman Cuesta
@Bernard Is there a format to submit the proposals? And to whom? (which email, which website?) Thank you
Rosa Maria Roman Cuesta
@all panelists Are you considering working with a RIDGE to REEF approach? Considering the interconnection between land management decisions (e.g. mangroves) and their effects on other ecosystems (e.g. reefs).
Jüergen Zeitlberger
Interested impact business developers can apply for support to IUCN`s Blue Natural Capital Financing Facility here: https://bluenaturalcapital.org/submit-your-project/
Rob Weary
Hi Rosa: Regarding the selection process for Blue Bonds for debt conversions in the Caribbean (and elsewhere), it does require that we can identify debt that we can buy at a discount. Not every country has this sort of debt for a variety of reasons. For example, multi-laterals are not able to sell their debt at a discount. Other bi-lateral debt is often concessionary and we are not able to meet their low interest rates. Having said that, we have identified a number of countries in the Caribbean (and elsewhere) where the opportunity to buy debt at a discount exists.
Rob Weary
Additionally, this Blue Bond structure can be used to finance other projects. For example, we are working with a water authority on a Caribbean island to issue a $50 M Blue Bond to finance upgrading of existing sewage treatment plants.
Rosa Maria Roman Cuesta
@Thank you all!
Rosa Maria Roman Cuesta
@ Chip, what about insurance against hurricanes that protect mangrove ecosystem integrity? and restoration processes
Rosa Maria Roman Cuesta
@Alpa, thank you!
José Armando Alanís de la Rosa
please, share the presentations and the record of the session; thank you very much, this has been very interesting
Nina Wettern
yes please, I'm interested in the presentations as well - thank you!
Jason Spensley
Thank you for an insightful and dynamic session. Please do share the recording and the presentations if you are able.
Rosa Maria Roman Cuesta
@Bernard Is there a format to submit the proposals? And to whom? (which email, which website?) Thank you
Alexander Farthing
@Chip we work closely with national leading insurers in SEA to overcome the data unknowns around shrimp and the mangrove ecosystems. Does Axa or ORRAA have a framework and/ or data map which could accelerate these kinds of conversations? I’m sure others are in similar circumstances.
Alexander Farthing
@Bernard What success have you seen with integrating production systems into mangroves as additional revenue generation for local communities. For example mangrove honey?