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June 18, 2020 Regular Town Council Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Douglas Tooley
Maybe the ski area first.
Douglas Tooley
Worker commuter access is going to be a problem on the Gondola.
Douglas Tooley
If there is any kind of a tourist season.
Douglas Tooley
The ski area first comment was in context of the priorities of MTI.
Douglas Tooley
More on MTI: Their budget is not at all transparent. I’d presume that at least two of the County Lodging Tax panelists are recipients of those funds. The employment of one ‘real estate’ vote on the Telluride Council and the spouse of another is another red flag.
Douglas Tooley
I’ve read the minute records at the Lodging Tax Panel, there is considerable detail at the beginning, then it goes very dark with very little turnover on the three person panel. The Norwood Chamber does submit a budget for their separate and limited funds.
Douglas Tooley
I do wonder who all else receives MTI funds. Hilary Cooper’s previous Mountain Freak magazine would be a possible.
Stefanie Solomon
Hi Everyone.This is Stefanie Solomon, and I have a few comments on behalf of Telluride Ski & Golf. TSG has very few employees living at VCA so we are not biased.We believe it’s appropriate for the Town to continue to own, operate and manage VCA. The Town has been a good steward of VCA in a way that has benefitted the Town, the Mountain Village community and its residents.TSG’s concern with an RFP process is that if a private party were to own and operate VCA, one of their primary goals would be a financial return, and such motivation could be detrimental to the community in the long-term. A private entity would likely not govern and manage the Town residents at VCA with the same empathy and compassion as the Town Housing Authority has shown over the years, especially during times like we are now experiencing.For these reasons, we believe it’s in the best interest of the community for the Town, the community and residents to continue overseeing VCA.
Douglas Tooley
My bad on the ownership of existing units. Probably not Studios, probably one and two bed room units.