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FFCRA, PPP, and the CARES Act - Panel Discussion and Q&A - Shared screen with speaker view
Kimberly Weislo
can you post that link in comments to dr sanchez web site
John Bradshaw
Scott Prescher
Is there anyone who can touch on the mortgage relief portion of the CARES act? This affects businesses if employees and customers lose their homes and have no money to spend as a consumer. I have read 6 month of relief if you have a federally backed loan, but I heard on the news that might be bumped up to one year. Also, does anyone know specifics? Banks are allowing 3 month "deferment" but it requires you to pay all 3 months at once on the 4th month. Is the CARES Act similar? If so that does not actually help people. I think these are things employees need help understanding.
Brad Haefli
We're confused on the period. Is it 2 1/2 mo.s or 8 weeks ? Thx !
Jay Prichard
I am an INDIVIDUAL SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP, i.e. a FREELANCE GIG WORKER, with no employees. I am trying to apply for TEXAS UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS under the CARES Act. But the Texas Workforce Commission application REQUIRES that I enter information as if I had been EMPLOYED as a W2 EMPLOYEE. But since I was not employed as a W2 employee, the application will NOT let me continue to apply. Does anyone know how to apply as an INDIVIDUAL SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP FREELANCE GIG WORKER? Thank you so much!!!
Jay Prichard
Jack and Jay, I am not trying to get an SBA loan. The problem is that the TWC application will not let me apply for Unemployment Benefits as a Sole Proprietorship, as allowed under the CARES Act.
Jay Prichard
The chat box is a virtual robot chat box, not real people, and it just regurgitates what I have already read on the site.
Jay Prichard
The TWC website application does not work for contractors, freelancers, etc. That's the problem. Can anyone help???