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BIDs and coronavirus - Shared screen with speaker view
Tony I'Anson
IdeaRather than 32 local authorities completing their own application forms for the grant money, can Scotland's Improvement Districts set up one online form for levy payers to complete in order to access the funding asap.On a positive note we've just handed out 100 tubs of hand and surface sanitising wipes locally this morning, and very much appreciated in Milngavie. Supplier is TheWipeShop.co.ukLocal Pet shop telephone orders have gone up 10 fold since last week.Tony I'AnsonMilngavie Town Centre BID Ltd
Gordon Carmichael
Gordon Carmichael, Proposed Kirkintilloch Bid. Challenging times seen by some as a threat. I see it far more as an “Opportunity” for local commerce to prepare thoroughly for emergence. Supported from the centre, but critically Locally Focussed which is what you’re doing. Encouraging a regular teleconference call with businesses through this mire is critical whether they remain open or not.