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NH Special Education Update - Shared screen with speaker view
Mary Paradise
Conversation or a meeting?
Esther Kennedy
Great Question Mary!
Caroline Arakelian
How do you define FAPE during remote instruction?
Helen Rist
What if a parent does not want to have this meeting?
Christine Gialousis
How is FAPE defined when there were not ANY students receiving their typical amount of hours of education. All students are regular ed students first, so, how can we define if a district “failed
Mary Paradise
Parent's can waive meetings.
Sarah Reinhardt
Please explain the legality of the governor ordering IEP teams to convene. What, in IDEA or the NH Standards, is this based upon?
Christine Gialousis
Sorry, didn’t mean to hit send.. please disregard.
Esther Kennedy
What happens if we are not back in school by 9/30
Esther Kennedy
Is there anyway we can get the order changed to make it the first 60 or even 90 days.
Are we looking at progress in relation to typical students and their progress in the general curriculum through remote learning as well? It does not give an accurate picture if we only look at students with disabilities without also looking at those without disabilities.
Rachel Borge
I echo Ken's question
VEuPathDB Zoom2
Yes Ken!
Esther Kennedy
Given the entrance to school could be very stressful for our students. Doing all these meetings will take staff away from children. Will the state send us money to support hiring people to hold these meetings. Will the state have staff to help us out?
Mary Paradise
You have to look at everyone and regression seen and what reg ed is doing to "make up" losses. That is our call, not DOEs.
Jeanette Souther - portsmouth elementary
What is the planned oversight by DOE for ensuring compliance with the order? Also what consequences would result for failure to have such a meeting in the established timeframe?
Are you saying we cannot provide ESY services as the compensatory ed services?
Judith Turk
If a student transfers from a district for the new school year that did not provide the services needed for whatever reason, who will be responsible for providing the comp services? Old vs. new district?
VEuPathDB Zoom2
Again, there are other "whole" school priorities to address all students' need and assessing their mental wellness and receptivity to learning, and teacher's to teach given the extreme stress that some people have experience. Crisis recovery dictates a true triage of everyone's status and needs, and not focus on a specific population.
Esther Kennedy
Is the commissioner willing to meet with us?
Mary Paradise
A meeting is a meeting regardless of whether you define needed recovery services. Deciding to wait to make the detrmination does not assist with the logistics of holding those meetings where school is not in session and staff are not required to work over the summer. That is 500 meetings for us give or take...if we hold them when we return we create further need for compensatory ed as teachers and spec ed staff will not be proviinding services as they will be in meetings...
Carol Kosnitsky
Is it accurate to say that considerations about Comp. Ed is focused specifically on the progress a student has or has not made on their IEP goals?
Esther Kennedy
In response to your response it is an extra meeting. We have been talking with parents all along it is sad that the state is thinking we are not.
If a district delivered all services as outlined in the IEP (remotely) and the students participated in all scheduled sessions, and the district offered a 6 week ESY program, (more service than originally agreed to in the IEP) is the district still required to hold a comp ed meeting?
Esther Kennedy
Yes I'm talking about Compensatory education meeting with the commissioner.. I would like to know if we will get addition resources for all these extra meetings?
Esther Kennedy
There are already used! We will need to hold these meetings after school so we can support our students during!
Caroline Arakelian
Was there a consideration to develop a form for a parent to accept or decline a meeting?
A. Reed
Becky, you will be sending this slideshow out?
A. Reed
Thank you!
Jane Bergeron-Beaulieu
Will the NHDOE be giving written guidance in regard to FY 18-19 IDEA funds and the extension ?
Mary Paradise
Estimated cost for meetings with 4 paid staff present over summer for all kiddos is roughly 87,000 for us.
Esther Kennedy
Our funds are used!!We will need to hold these meetings after school so we can support our students during!
Rachel Borge
I feel like we need to be cautious about relying on funds as the solution to the many logistical challenges in front of us. money is great, but less so when there are not providers to spend it on. We will be facing a shortage of providers.
Mary Paradise
Thank you Becky,
VEuPathDB Zoom2
Thank you for your graceful reception of our concerns.
Rachel Borge
when providers are redeployed to meetings or not available before or after school hours or during summer, that is the shortage
Kathy Courtois
Thank you Becky
A. Reed
Thank you!