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The Coronavirus-How Employers Can Manage the Outbreak - Shared screen with speaker view
Decatur Regional Chamber of Commerce
This webinar is being recorded and will be available after today. This presentation will be available as well. Please reach out to Jennifer.oberheim@decaturchamber.com with questions.
Rachel Roettger
Does the Small Business Exception apply to a unit of local government?
Mike Schulte
What if a doctor tells the employee they should quarantine due to underlying health concerns
Mary Brown
If the employee has a spouse at home caring for children out of school/child care, does the employer have to pay that employee to also stay home with his/her spouse to care for the children and not work.
Daniel Ritter
great point Scott on reimbursement policies!
Sarah Lux
When do you expect to hear a determination from IDES about the employer contribution rate?
Rosemary Drake
What is the wage level that the IDES considers high earner?
Rosemary Drake
Is the Paid FMLA leave requirement only applicable to employers with less than 500 employees?
Connie Shields
Will these slides be available for download?
Decatur Regional Chamber of Commerce
The presentation will be sent out following the webinar. The recording will be housed on decaturchamber.com
Brandy Robinson
No question, I just want to say how much I appreciate this Webinar, the FREE cost, the Chamber, and Scott's expertise. He is so easy to follow and I don't know how he keeps all this is his brain. Everything I've ever listened to from him is so beneficial. Very thankful for this in the midst of these crazy times!!!
Sarah Lux
I 100% agree with Brandy. I would be lost with out it! Thank you!
Decatur Regional Chamber of Commerce
Thank you ladies!
Pam Robinson
Can you give insight or information about the SBA loans for small businesses and the Loan Forgiveness that is being offered? How does it work and who and what will qualify? Is it more beneficial to layoff the employees if we do no have the work or apply for this? Or will there be another webinar discussing those things? In regards to the Federal $600 unemployment benefit, for essential business that have laid off due to lack of work, do they still qualify? I heard it mentioned for non-essential but didn't hear about essential business. We are a plumbing/HVAC company.
Pam Robinson
I greatly appreciate all of this information. Thank you!!
Bob Anderson
My wife runs a home day care. Will she be able to file for unemployment if her parents are unable to pay her due to losing their jobs or their pay is cut?
Jody Osman
Does the $600 uemployment benfit payment by the Federal Government apply because of Governor Pritzger's Shelter In Place Order?
Jody Osman
Pritzker...sorry for the misspelling.
Bob Anderson
Thank you Scott. Great information!
Lauren Young
Thank you very much to the Chamber & Scott for this great presentation
William Anaya
Well done Scott
Jody Osman
Thank you, Scott! Very informative information!
Tony Albertina
Awesome presentation! Thank you very much.
John Goldstein
Good job, Scott!
Mary Brown
Thank you, Scott!