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Interview Skills - Shared screen with speaker view
Jordan Martindell
Zoom Webinar Link:https://apresgroup.com/zoom-101-video-conferencing-in-the-age-of-coronavirus/
Stacey Delo
Adding a link to our workshops that cover negotiation, LinkedIn profiles, elevator pitch, etc here. These are coach led and we charge for them, but you get access to these and all of our workshops (about 30 hours of content overall) for $99. And if you use code APRIL14, it’s just $49 :) https://apresgroup.com/personal-branding-and-job-search/
Jordan Martindell
Q&A for questions
Megan Hensley
On that topic- if there is a company I interviewed with a couple of time and they hired internal candidates, but they said they were still interested in the future. Would you suggest reaching out even if there is no current role posted, just to stay in mind?
Megan Strickland
Not strange at all! You could congratulate her and welcome her back.
Yvonne Foo
How should we respond if recruiters ask if we have been actively looking?
Jordan Martindell
Any topics you all would like to have us cover? Throw them out!