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Cambridge and Peterborough Webinar - Impact of COVID-19 outbreak on our Food Supply Chains - Speaker view
Peter James
Hi Everyone I am on the call but cant access via Zoom. Peter James Branch Chair
CIPS Volunteers
try again please
Peter James
What are the opportunities for UK Supply Chain during COVID-19?
trudy salandiak
Are there particular foods that will be in short supply in the coming months?
Louise Manning
Hopefully Peter we can talk about some of these opportunities during the webinar
Bill Young
What, if anything, will NEVER return to the way it was before
nicola robinson
Thank you all - this is really fascinating. UK growers are talking about shortages of people to pick produce - what ideas do you have of how we could help them?
trudy salandiak
Please explain more about dark stores?
Louise Manning
Drak stores are where food is held in warehouses rather than retail stores so it is ordered digitally by consumers. We would think of this with Amazon depots.
Louise Manning
Sorry dark…
trudy salandiak
Oh, thank you
Peter James
The domestic preference angle is interesting for now and a post exit world. A few years ago I was involved in an MoJ tender for UK Prisons Food allowing bids from EU countries. However Ireland for their Prisons were able to impose a domestic preference by insisting all food delivered to Irish Prisons had to be provided from within a 50 mile radius. Another EU member with different interpretation and application of EU Procurement regs. Is this another opportunity for the UK?
Louise Manning
We currently have a hybrid policy system where food is managed by the market with government framing those market conditions - now is an opportunity for us to discuss this balance between market and regulation and what we want as a community
Yekta B.
Thank you all!! What do you think about considerations for development of gluten-free foods?
Bill Young
Lessons about how consumers react in a crisis (I think it was Louise who mentioned it) seems important for the future. These 'black swan' events give us demand insights that are impossible to get from analysis of normal seasonal and annual variation.
Louise Manning
Thank you for your question Bill. There is work being done right now to ask the question how we change our traditional risk assessment methods to help us in addressing these Black Swans especially with supply chain shocks that have not been experienced before. How do we develop business continuity plans for Black Swans…
Louise Manning
Alan, maybe this is an example of fear of shortage being more of a consumer driver than actual shortage.
Peter James
I get a sense from the panel of supermarkets profiteering and the scaremongering and panic buying suiting them. Tesco's profits up by 25% since COVID-19 kicked off. Will this legacy hurt them?
Bill Young
@Peter_James. I believe it is revenue that is up 25% at Tesco, not profit. The effect on profit is far from clear as it has had big costs associated with this
Peter James
Good point Bill. Scarcity drives up costs of transportation, storage etc..
trudy salandiak
CIPS is launching a digiltalisation of supply chain survey next week to see what businesses are doing
trudy salandiak
Thanks so much everyone, was really useful
Peter James
Special thanks to the panel - really great to hear from and see you. Mega thanks from CIPS and local CIPS Cambridgeshire branch. Well done Pouria for organising
Grant Saunders
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nicola robinson
Indeed Peter - can I echo your message. Brilliant work from the CIPS Branch and all the panellists - really interesting discussion and points here. Well done to you all. Look forward to the next one :-)
Louise Manning
Thank you for all the questions in the chat.
Liam Fassam
Thank you all
Rhys James
Thanks ALl
Alexander Lewis
Many thanks for your time today all. Very informative and well articulated.