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Building a Consensus for Your Accessibility Project - Shared screen with speaker view
WeCo Staff Team
Good Afternoon!Welcome to "Building a Consensus for Your Accessibility Project" webinar series. This webinar starts at 12pm (CST) and goes until 12:30pm (CST).My name is Kelli Ryan, I am the Director of Operations here at WeCo and I will be moderating the training today. Please feel free to reach out to me here in the chat box or via email at kelli@theweco.com should you have any questions or issues.The materials referenced in today's webinar can be found in a section of WeCo's website's Free Accessibility Library, devoted to "Making a Business Case for Accessibility". You can find this information by using the link listed belowhttps://theweco.com/accessibility-resources/web-accessibility-business-case/We will begin shortly and promptly at12pm NOON CST. Thank you
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Dana Transcriber
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