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MHEC Coronavirus Update, Challenges and Opportunities in the Midwest - Shared screen with speaker view
Andy Zay
I think most MHEC supported institutions were well postioned heading into this crisis. I believe they can take note and adapt moving forward in a postive way. In example the education calendar, the delivery of education and higher education meeting the needs of the private sector more intentionally all this will pivot and change moving forward. MHEC stands to be in an excellent postion to be a resource and facilitator of cost savings and collaboration.
Chris Hyde
Regarding the earlier $6B institutional grant aid- Betsy Devos says schools have wide latitude on how that money is spent- how is that money distributed- which schools are getting these funds? what is the distribution calculation?
Teresa Lubbers
Are any states looking at a partnership relationship between K-12 and higher education in making recommendations for the allocation of dollars under the Governor's Discretionary Fund?
Rob Anderson
Teresa, not a MHEC state, but I know that Mike Krause and TN are.
Blake Flanders
Teresa, Kansas has a partnership relationship between K-12 and higher education and will have a joint voice as we recommend an allocation from the GDF.
Mike Duffey
Hey everyone. Mike Duffey from Ohio Department of Higher Education. I am wondering if Tom can explain how the federal funds can be used as related to providing liquidity to IHEs struggling to get cash. For example, could Ohio use federal funding as collateral essentially to incentivize local banks to extend low interest or zero interest loans to IHEs, and then we write off any losses as grants and for whatever we get repaid, we revolve that into grants to IHEs? Then we as states can provide guidelines for who gets the funding. This might leverage a small amount of federal funding for a much larger pool of private capital.
mark hagerott
Mark Hagerott, ND, here.... agree with Devinder…. our losses significantly more than K12....
Mike Duffey
I'm thinking governor's discretionary
Chris Hyde
I found the allocation PDF
Chris Hyde
Mike Duffey
The K12 and Higher Ed funds
Bill Pink
Tom, since the CARES Act guidelines missed a vital need of higher ed (budget stabilization), will SHEEO and others make a hard push to have this allowable in stimulus 4?Susan, can MHEC play a part in that advocacy?
mark hagerott
Question: do any of the rural states/colleges see a countervailing enrollment trend, ie., movement of students from large campuses in urban areas to smaller, rural, closer to home campuses?
Michael Cartney
I think it would be helpful for MHEC to start thinking about how colleges will work in the new environment, maybe starting in the Fall -- what are best practices from safety perspectives when our students do return to campus. Also, how to we capitalize on what we learned through this event to improve how we deliver higher education.
Gary Cates
Do we expect for students to look at transferring from main campuses to regional campuses to be in smaller populations?
mark hagerott
Yes.... PLEASE to that analysis, Susan.
mark hagerott
do that analysis.... especially the urban-rural migration dynamic....
Julie Underwood
Thanks for asking the question I had submitted earlier. It would be VERY useful to have that forecast or modeling.
Gary Cates
Any thoughts as to what new credentials might be needed that are health and safety related for businesses to comply with possible new regulations? For example, covid compliance positions.
Julie Underwood
Thank you