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ACE Mentor L.A./O.C. College Fair - Shared screen with speaker view
Samuel Eaton
I don't have a webcam otherwise I would show my face. Glad to be here
Anne Ettley
If you have any questions for Humberto, please post it here. Thanks!
Humberto Gallegos, ELAC
hi students,...…..please work with your counselors or the ACE program if you need to meet with the ELAC architecture department or with our engr. and tech. department at East Los Angeles College, you all are doing great for zooming with us all,
Anne Ettley
If anyone has a question, can you please post it to the chat box? Thank you!
Mary Cliff
Can the speakers talk about learning method during the pandemic? Are you all doing distance learning? If yes, how are students doing with such a hands-on discipline like architecture? Thanks.
Anne Ettley
Thanks for the question! Keep them coming!
Humberto Gallegos, ELAC
ELAC is fully online, with some courses face to face, in surveying the students borrow the equipment and they learn by doing via zoom while modeling the instructor
Humberto Gallegos, ELAC
good question by the way,
Humberto Gallegos, ELAC
please check out ELAC's architecture department if you are interested in attending a CC first, please work with your counselors if you need to make contact, or feel free to send me an email if you need to get connected, gallegha@elac.edu, Humberto Gallegos
Humberto Gallegos, ELAC
architecture dept: http://elac.edu/Academics/Departments/Architecture
Humberto Gallegos, ELAC
Engr. & Tech.:http://elac.edu/Academics/Departments/Engineering
Mary Cliff
Since USC is a private university and tuition is expensive, how likely are students getting scholarships after they are admitted? Are they merit based or need based?
Linda Pollari - Otis College of Art
Otis welcomes ELAC transfers at junior-level! See the attached file.
Anne Ettley
Thanks for all the questions, students, and for all the great info, colleges!
Dora Marquez, Teacher (Boyle Heights STEM)
Go Bruins!
Humberto Gallegos, ELAC
thank you Linda for the transfer information from ELAC to your school, that's a lot of courses, Students, please work with our counselors to set up an ED. PLAN at our school...
Nicole Banh
How can students stand out on applications?
Mark Cabrinha
Colleagues and ACE students! Thank you for the opportunity to share our different opportunities. I will need to excuse myself at 5:10 for another appointment. If wanted to share two things: if you have further questions about Cal Poly, you can contact me via email mcabrinh@calpoly.edu. AND, I forgot to share our Architecture Summer Career workshop which I run in the summer. We will be online again this summer, last year was amazing online!. If you are interested, please sign up on our email interest list here: https://architecture.calpoly.edu/about/summer-career
Humberto Gallegos, ELAC
thank you Mark,
Piper Guthrie
Thank you!
Mark Cabrinha
Sirajum: great question! Cal Poly admissions greatly recognizes that not all students have AP course opportunities, and in fact community college course count as AP courses for Cal Poly admissions AND, if you take one semester of math in a community college it will count as a full year. Many of our students applying will have 5+ years of math, and that is one way of doing it.
Humberto Gallegos, ELAC
If you have taken courses at a CC as a K-12 student, you are eligible for advisement from these schools, they can provide you with information with an ED. PLAN, basically a road map, you can take advantage, just have your school ID ready to provide the counselor with
Sirajum Munera
Thank you! Mark
Piper Guthrie
Why does it take so long to get your architecture license?
Humberto Gallegos, ELAC
took me x3 tries to get my PE, Kent was able to get his SE during his first try......
Kevin McNulty
Have to jump to another meeting. Amazing presentations, thank you all!
Humberto Gallegos, ELAC
I'll let Mr. Hamner know, thanks Justin,
Mark Cabrinha
@ Piper: please don’t let that discourage you. It just happens that as people get engaged in practices, they ironically don’t necessarily prioritize to take the eam. All accredited schools are equal in the requirements for licensure. It is up to graduates as well as their internship experience categories to take the ARE (exam). I have a student that graduated two years ago and just passed the exam! So you can do it if you want to, don’t let that discourage you, its just a matter of priorities, not a question of difficulty.
Piper Guthrie
Oh ok thanks
Mary Cliff
It sounds like Math classes (esp. Calculus) are important for admission. One school mentioned Physics and Chemistry. What are the important subjects high school students should definitely take in order to get in architecture school?
Aaron Gensler
Also, you can still practice architectural design without an architecture license - if you want to talk more about it feel free to reach out aaron.gensler@woodbury.edu
Piper Guthrie
What are some things besides grades and test scores that we can do to Raise our chances in getting into colleges?
Sirajum Munera
I have taken some graphic design classes
David Hernandez
how have you seen student become inspired to make something, I've struggled with motivation to draw and do much so a few ideas would help
Mary Cliff
Thank you for all your answers. Very helpful.
rawan saab
What are some skills to practice now that'll help when planning to attend an art school?
Piper Guthrie
Ok, thank you, that was very helpful
Mary Cliff
Thank you everyone!
Humberto Gallegos, ELAC
thank you ACE! and transfer schools, ...
Misael Osuna
Thank you everyone!
Sirajum Munera
Thank you! This was very helpful to prepare for college.
David Hernandez
👏👏👏 Thanks for the Advice
Aaron Gensler
inspiration: there is so much at our finger tips right now because it is all virtual- look to see if there are lectures around at any of the schools here
Aaron Gensler
or museums
Humberto Gallegos, ELAC
hey David, network with folks, and be fast to listen, hopefully you'll find your path....stay hopeful...
Omoné O. Livingston, O2EPCM, Inc.
Thank you everyone for your time and participation. We truly appreciate you. Please continue to stay safe and healthy. Blessings!
Kent Kaewwaen
Jennifer Park, USC
USC SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTUREhttps://arch.usc.edu/uscarch@usc.eduMeet us: https://applyto.usc.edu/portal/virtual
Jennifer Park, USC
Take care everyone and Fight On!
Galilee Contreras
Thank you for your time :) Learned a lot. Enjoy your weekends.
Ashley Torres
thank you!
Collin Harris
Thank you guys!