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Benefit-Cost Analysis of EVs - Shared screen with speaker view
John Shenot
Feel free to type any questions you have into the chat window, addressed To: Everyone.
Sepideh Rezania (She, her)
native-land.ca is a good tool to use to find out which First Nations Territories you are on. If you want, you can contact your First Nations Chiefs and ask them for a recognition language!
Sepideh Rezania (She, her)
Oops, sorry the above meant to go to Sarah. Ignore please!
Mike Myser - ESP
Hi Chris, can you please speak to the importance of running the tests on an hourly/8760 basis vs annual or quarterly or some other timeframe?
Dana Kose, Willdan
Is V2G happening in the Southeast, or anywhere in the US, yet? If not, how realistic do you think it is in the near future?
Chris Neme (EFG)
Mike: we can talk about this more in Q&A, but generally speaking the more granular about time of use of a DER - including going to an 8760 hour analysis - the more accurate your assessment of cost-effectiveness will be. There are sometimes challenges and costs to doing that - and probably less certainty about the accuracy of some hourly values (than for average annual values), but it is still ideal if you can get to that point. It is obviously vital to resources such as DR and for applications like consideration of non-wires alternatives.
Chris Neme (EFG)
Dana: on V2G, I'm not sure it exists - certainly not at scale - anywhere yet. However, we address it conceptually in the NSPM because it is coming and could have different impacts on the grid that would need to be considered in benefit-cost analysis.
Ben Kessler
From 10 days ago: Roanoke Electric Cooperative to Pilot Cutting-edge Vehicle-to-grid Technology https://www.fermataenergy.com/news-press/roanoke-electric-cooperative-working-with-fermata-energy-to-pilot-cutting-edge-vehicle-to-grid-v2g-technology
Ben Kessler
From 5 days ago: City of Boulder working with Fermata Energy to test V2B technology https://www.greencarcongress.com/2020/12/20201205-boulder.html
John Shenot
Recording of August 2020 RAP webinar on status and prospects for V2G: https://www.raponline.org/event/vehicle-to-grid-right-at-your-doorstep/
Sarah B - SEEA
What case study examples of iDERs would be of most interest to you?
John Shenot
Distributed solar + EV charging at one site!
Anne Blair
Presentations will be available following the session. We will send a link to them - they will be available on SEEA and E4TheFuture's websites.
Anne Blair
you ca download the nspm here: https://e4thefuture.org/resources/publications/
Bryan H, NEMA
1. Energy Storage Systems, 2. Microgrids
my takeaway is that we need to set the expectation that the PSC regulations will need to evolve over time as the various drivers evolve.
Ben Kessler
I agree Dana. Temporal matching is important and school buses seem more promising. Virginia should have some interesting information coming from their EV school bus deployment in the near future