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Circus World Report: Asia and Australia - Shared screen with speaker view
Ruth Wikler
Phare will be pitching in the Tour de Piste this week.
Holly Treddenick Femmes du Feu Creations
thank you Kate for your personal land acknowledgment and for addressing this mental health stigma that is in the shadow, but is strong through this time.
Nathalie Delorme
I'm not sure about public space, but in National Circus Arts Alliance in Canada has created many free and even remunerated training opportunities for artists and riggers to support them during the lockdown. We organized a lot of networking opportunities, consultations, discussions and sharing of ressources as well to ensure the community stays connected and to support its resilience and mental health during these hard times.
Nathalie Delorme
In Montreal and in Quebec city as well. There might be other public space initiatives like that in other Canadian cities too...
Holly Treddenick Femmes du Feu Creations
All of Canadaian circus struggles for funding too.
Nathalie Delorme
In Quebec, through documenting the economic situation of the circus arts and to consitant advocating efforts, we have managed to get $10 millions to dedicated to circus arts! Which means that artists and companies will more easily be able to get grants to support their recovery.
Ruth Wikler
Sara Frattolillo