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CDEV MS-15 - Shared screen with speaker view
Sid Shaw
Jared - Can you look into your simulations and see if there is common underlying phenomenology that accounts for the stutters in a majority of cases?
Jared Scripture
We've done some looking into structural properties in the detailed model that lead themselves to stutters. Plenty to discuss there! That's part of our ongoing efforts as well. Great question.
Diana White
My model is one of the ugliest models you will ever see, so it will always only get better for you all :)
Shant Mahserejian
Please join us to continue the conversation from this session in “Office 30” on the “Cell and Developmental Biology” floor in Sococo. You can also click on this link: https://app.sococo.com/meet/CellandDevelopmentalBiologyOffice30-2
Diana White
Thanks all for this SUPER interesting session. My brain is spinning now with ideas to test: from critical concentrations, catastrophe frequency calculations, and length distribution measurements. I hope you all don't mind if I bother you soon with questions via email. Also, I love hearing about actin. Many thanks Kim for a lovely presentation. Enjoy the night/day wherever you are and thank you for the invitation.