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AoC Beacon Awards 2020/21 Best Practice Webinar: Edge Award for Excellence in Real World Learning - Shared screen with speaker view
Amanda Redman - AoC Events Team
Good morning everyone and welcome to today's AoC Beacon Awards 2020/21 Best Practice Webinar for the Edge Award for Excellence in Real World Learning.Please post any comments or questions for our speakers in the chat and these will be addressed during the session, thank you.
Thomas Hills
I completely agree, nature is a powerful healer for us all. We should definitely have these schemes in place to protect our green spaces. We certainly have an obligation to the flora and fauna we share this planet with. Allotments are so important to engage people with. Fantastic Project
Ian Munro
thanks Robert really interesting and exciting
Ian Munro
thanks Victoria
Viv Buckley
Sounds really exciting - great to hear some specific examples of cross-college working
Viv Buckley
Great session - many thanks all - I have to leave now but it has been great to hear about the amazing things you are doing. Diolch yn fawr iawn, pawb.
Raquel Gonzalez
Apologies to all; I have to finish on time. Many thanks for a highly informative and interesting session. Really inspiring to see the innovation and alignment with the global UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the development of new projects and curricula to have significant local impact.
Ian Munro
thanks for joining us Raquel
Ian Munro
huge to thanks to all the speakers for the excellent inputs
Thomas Hills
I would just like to say that Adrian and Strode College have adapted very successfully. Adrian has helped us out and has overcome and used zoom constructively. David has engaged us all fantastically. Without Adrian and Strode's tireless dedication to us, we would have struggled massively
Ben Hodder
Thank you for the information, lots to think about!