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Recovering From Chronic Pain and Disease - July Series - Shared screen with speaker view
James Stilwell
I recently heard a podcast on pain where the hosts started to talk about somatic tracking. Is that a recommended method to treat one's pain?
Rebecca Hampton
my chronic lower back pain of 25 years subsides greatly after being on augmentin (antibiotic) for roughly 72 hours. I’ve asked my ortho about this and he says the drug shouldn’t impact my back pain…but it does. about four days being off the antibiotic the pain returns this causes me to hold on to the structural diagnosis…even though I know it has an emotional component. Thoughts?
Ziva Renan
I found Dr Sarno approach extremely powerful and helpful for the past 10 years. Prior to that every back flare up I had ot take steroids for a week. However when a pain is triggered in any part of my back, I get scared that the pain is back. any thoughts?
Rebecca Tolin
Excellent… thanks so much, Dr. Schechter!
John Potts
I'm now living in Oklahoma, how do I find Oklahoma's Dr Schechter?
John Potts
I lived in CA 25 years, moved back to OK 13 years ago. OK is a challenge for me given the racism etc. My back pain developed chronic lower back pain about 4 years later. Now wondering is basic problem is my not dealing with Oklahoma and living here.
Rebecca Tolin
To follow up on the last question, even if someone was diagnosed with nerve pain, that should eventually heal if it’s not TMS. How long does nerve injury take to heal? It happened from a chiropractor pulling someone’s arms back so it wasn’t a major injury.
jim prussack
Thanks for coming on today! In your professional experience with TMS, how important is the belief in the diagnosis in healing? Dr. Sarno states his cure lies primarily in the knowledge(belief) its TMS, and that only a small percentage of people (maybe 20%) need to go deeper in the emotional work. What have you seen in your practice with how many people have healed with knowledge and how many need to actually go deeper into the emotional side of things?
Marian Baker
I get a lot of painless muscle twitching along with the TMS symptoms. Is this part of TMS? I haven't read about this in any literature.
Kristina Carlton
Tagging on to Jim's question, if someone has overcome various pains and a lot of TMS equivalents, has done emotional work, somatic tracking, meditation, etc. has gone back to work, exercising, but has lingering back pain, is it most likely due to doubt? Thank you.
Jane Marsh
I just recently read 3 Sarno books. He talks about spasms. I had lower back spasms too.
Jane Marsh
How critical is it that I get an MD to diagnose me as TMS/PPD? I am 100% convinced this is my diagnosis.
John Potts
I want a Schechter endorsed sugar tablet! :-)
...so sorry to have to drop for another mtg. Thanks!
Ziva Renan
thank you so much for your comments.
John Potts
thanks Dr. Schechter
David Schechter, M.D.
Kristina Carlton
Thank you, Dr. Schechter!
James Stilwell
Thank you Dr. Schechter, Jim and Joe - I really appreciate your time and willingness to share :)
Rebecca Tolin
Thank you Dr. Schechter, Jim and Joe! This is revolutionary information.
Rebecca Hampton
Thank you so much for your time, knowledge and compassion Dr. Schechter. Appreciate you Joe and Jim.
Kristina Carlton
Thank you Jim and Joe.
jim prussack
Thanks everyone! Thanks Dr. Schechter! Come back next week for some testimonials of healing!
David Schechter, M.D.
Take care!
Thanks for all the knowledge shared tonoight