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COVAX Community Advisory Group Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Neetu Balram
@AllanRees yes!
Neetu Balram
Aneeka Chaudhry
@Kathi, childcare providers are already included 1b Tier 1
Neetu Balram
@Gabriela, for sites happening this week and going forward, people will be directed to sign up. Before this week, people should have received a card
Neetu Balram
that will tell them when they are due for a second dose. They can go back to the site where where they received their first dose on that date
howard dyckoff
When you gcan get it it ... will the coliseum be used and for wihch tiers....
Neetu Balram
Is anyone else having trouble hearing
Lauren Baranco
For folks in the audience, please write your question or Q&A in the chat if possible.
Wendy Peterson
In-home caregivers are frontline workers, and not all of them are IHSS workers. Some are family caregivers and this increases patient risk from family and others, which is more difficult to control than risk in a SNF.How are independent in-home care workers getting bumped up the vaccine list? They aren't part of an agency, so no one is representing them. These providers have to go from patient to patient providing care the same as SNF providers have to move between patients, so increase risk of transmission. Several organizations have caregiver registries and these workers would like access to the vaccine as frontline health care workers. The Public Authority and other registries could use some coordinated effort here.
howard dyckoff
Correction ... Oakland Voices had an article on Xmas Day.... OaklandVoices.us
Wendy Peterson
What about Independent Living/Board & Care homes with an older adult population? Are they going to be prioritized like other Long Term Care facilities? How do we ensure that they are all on the list to be contacted?
Gabriela Galicia, Street Level Health Project
Street Level Health Project - member ID are made at our organization for community members to be able to use to enroll for health insurance, use in place were ID's are needed or just for them to have a document with a picture has been the benefit over the few years we have been doing this.
Kevin Dowling
The County should be working with Alameda County Fire Departments to hire off duty and retired firefighters to vaccinate people. They are EMTs and are typically excellent with medically fragile people. Could be great for home bound people.
Shannon Chan
Dear Panelists, before I switch to desk top,a question. We provide non medical in home senior care. our staff service vulnerable seniors in home or assisted living. When is our vulnerable seniors are in line for vaccination and how to register? thank you. Shannon with Home Instead
Sheraden Nicholau
Sending again to include attendees: On Jan 7, the CA Dept of Public Health revised the definition of a health care worker under "essential workforce" to include people working with people with developmental and other disabilities:"Health care providers and caregivers (including physicians, dentists, psychologists, mid-level practitioners, nurses, assistants, and aids; infection control and quality assurance personnel; pharmacists; physical, respiratory, speech and occupational therapists and assistants; social workers and providers serving individuals with disabilities including developmental disabilities; optometrists; speech pathologists; chiropractors; diagnostic and therapeutic technicians; and radiology technologists).” https://covid19.ca.gov/essential-workforce/
Kevin Dowling
I went to my dentist today and he and his staff were vaccinated at St Rose recently
Gayle Miller
Aneeka can you please talk louder and slower.
Sheraden Nicholau
To Eileen and other's points in the chat and in Q&A, for clarity the prioritization framework need to use 'people with disabilities'.
Lauren Baranco
Clergy are considered Essential Workers under Government Ops/Community Based Essential Functions https://covid19.ca.gov/essential-workforce/
Neetu Balram
Slides are available here https://covid-19.acgov.org/community-advisory-group
Gabriela Galicia, Street Level Health Project
We started a survey at Street Level Health Project and we so far have surveyed 29 community members asking when the vaccine is available for them would they receive it. Over 90% said yes especially if it was distributed at our location during our food bag program hours. How can our organizations open our doors to host this service to be provided?
Wendy Peterson
Barriers that older adults 75+ will have to getting to a pod include knowing about it, not being able to fill out an online form, and not having safe transportation. CBOs who work with these populations are willing to share approaches in a brainstorming session. I can help organize.
Lauren Baranco
You can email covax@acgov.org for FAQ suggestions
Sheraden Nicholau
I and I'm sure other members would be happy to serve as messengers to help get the info out via eblast and social media
Dr. Kathleen Clanon
At this point, during Phase 1A, it depends on where you work as a healthcare worker, rather than where you live.
Aaron Ortiz, La Familia
We are interested.
Gabriela Galicia, Street Level Health Project
Street Level Health Project would be interested. All our staff has been vaccinated including our Mam community health workers and it would be great to get them to speak in Mam about their experience. I can check in with them to see if they are interested in doing so.
Dirk Tillotson
we should not assume people have internet or an email
Larissa Adam
Another old school strategy to employ - disseminate info via radio (eg. via the new Mam radio station) and t.v. stations popular w/ hard-hit communities (eg. Telemundo) to support comms w/ residents who don’t have internet access.
Shannon Chan
I am interested in helping video as health care worker. please reach out to me at Shannon.chan@Homeinstead.com. mandarin speaker friendly as well. Thank you for working together. We will get through this together:) Shannon Chan
Gayle Miller
Would there be a recorded line where citizens can call to tell them according to their age where can they go to get their vaccine.
Erica Howell
An ACPHD newsletter? A mailing list? An ACPHD vaccine call line? Yes! Robocalls
Dana DeVaul
I have to admit, I think if I got a robocall about a COVID-19 vaccine I would be suspicious that it might be a scam.
Aaron Ortiz, La Familia
Thomas Tripp
I am auditing these meetings as a representative of the 5 Hayward Senior Mobile Home Communities and would like to find if there is a need for coordination within these resident communities of older persons. By definition these communities are made up of persons 55 years of age. Many residents are in their 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's and many do not have access to electronic media. Please feel free to contact me at t-tripp@pacbell.net.
Tracy Arrowsmith
Thank you for this informative session. Oakland Proud!
Aaron Ortiz, La Familia
Greatly appreciate Public Health
Dana DeVaul
Thank you!
Dirk Tillotson
appreciate you all
Adriana Furuzawa
Thank you all for this information and discussions. Good night!
Sheraden Nicholau
Thank you, all
Thomas Tripp
Thank you. Thomas
Taunu'u Ve'e
Thank you Lauren for facilitating and Kim :) Appreciate it!