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NS NFP Coalition Open Forum: Q&A with Dr. Strang - Speaker view
Alexandra Theroux, CSCNS (She/Her)
Check out the CSCNS Resources mentioned by Annika on our website at: https://www.csc-ns.ca/covid-19Visit the Coalition Website for additional resources: https://nscovidcoalition.com/
Alexandra Theroux, CSCNS (She/Her)
Hi Everyone - If you could direct your questions to the "Q&A" section of the Zoom call that would be helpful. As Daniel mentioned, we will try to get to as many questions as possible but as our time is limited we will likely not be able to get to them all. If there is a question in the Q&A that you are really interested in having answered feel free to "like" it so that we can see that there
Alexandra Theroux, CSCNS (She/Her)
*there is interest in having it addressed in the call. - Thanks