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EMCLH Webinar "Creating policies to support Community-Led Housing activities - Shared screen with speaker view
R Wallace
Morning! Happy to be here
Gary Kirk
How do you think these very local initiatives fit in with the government's intention to introduce national planning policies as expressed through the Planning White Paper?
John Kellett
as so little housing is designed by architects (only about 20%) are there moves to improve that. Developers are only interested in building homes with a financial benefit to them. Housing needs to be designed by architects for the users. It is what we are trained, qualified, registered and chartered to do! john@kreativarchitects.co.uk one of few architects in Northamptonshire.
Tom Dodd
Agree with John Kellett;s comments!
Tom Dodd
Neighbourhood Plans are essential, but rely on voluntary time. support is needed directly to very local people involved. Business support as well as practical networking.
owen jarvis
Thanks for organising Martin and team. Owen Jarvis CEO UK Cohousing Network - curious as to how CLH can argue for mixed neighbourhoods with a range of price-points, tenures, particularly for cohousing schemes, how do we argue for the wider benefits of CLH on health, wellbeing, community participation within policy
Tom Dodd
excellent point Owen, wellbeing policies in neighbourhood plans are helpful
owen jarvis
How does CLH - which often is about small sites and builds - make a case in an environment where we are now looking at big targets on housing year on year to meet demand?
John Kellett
will the presentations be emailed to attendees please?
owen jarvis
Seems like there is an important role for hubs in shaping strategy locally - what does the panel see as the role National CLH orgs/partners can play in helping to influence local policies, individually or collectively? i.e. UKCN, CCH and NCLTN…..
R Wallace
Thank you Martin and Cecilia and all who took part. Super session
Billy Dasein
Thank you, I will :-)
James Newton
Thanks Martin & Cecillia
James Newton
Really good overview of the issues
Billy Dasein