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Town Hall: Potential Family Shelter at the Provincial House - Shared screen with gallery view
Michelle Basham/she/her
Thank you Ramsey County and SSJ for making plans to assist families experiencing homelessness.
Can't understand you. You are very muted.
Trista Matascastillo
She is in a space that requires a mask.
Church of Saint Peter Claver
I am Fr. Erich Rutten. I serve as Pastor at St. Peter Claver. We have been a host Church for Project Home for many years. It has been a blessing to us and to the community. Thank you Ramsey County, Interfaith Action, and Sister of St. Joseph (CSJ) of Carondolet for this new initiative.
Michelle Basham/she/her
Thank you Commissioner Carter for continuing to be such a great leader and supporting this effort!
DSI Director Ricardo Cervantes also on call
Muffie Gabler
Would someone address the schedule for when the project will go before the Zoning committee and Planning Commission at
Muffie Gabler
the appropriate time? thanks
Anne Maley Lumen Christi Parish
I am Anne Maley from Lumen Christi Catholic Community in Highland Park. Our parish has worked with Families Moving Forward and Beacon Interfaith Network to host homeless families for 20 years. It has been a blessing to our parish to share our facility with families experiencing homelessness. I have no doubt there would be many parishioners willing to partner with the Sisters and Interfaith Action to welcome homeless families to our neighborhood in their time of need.
Mee Cheng
Yes, we will cover timeline tonight
The CUP designation Emergency Housing is much broader than what is being presented? Will the CUP permit limit the number in the residence to 80 people as presented and the use as presented i.e only family only housing?
JoAnn Mason
will we have access to these statistics?
So glad to be on the call tonight,, along with Commissioner Matascastillo. Commissioner Ortega, who has been working steadfastly in this area, and who also led the board's Policy Advisory subcommittee on Food and Basic Needs -- will likely joini us tonight as well. We thank you for working with us on these and other solution areas -- in and beyond the pandemic!
Sara Swenson
The PowerPoint will be posted on our website after the meeting.
Sara Swenson
Amber Gale
hello, I am Amber Gale I am the rapid exit caseworker for project home. I work with all families from the time they come into shelter , walk along side of them to better their future while in shelter then I provide wrap around service for 6 month or more from the time the move into secure,affordable, safe housing.
Thank you to Lumen Christi Catholic Community. Thankful for your willingness to add assistance as needed!
Barbara Beltrand
No surprised; this is heartbreaking. (1) If the Sisters of St Joseph is approved/authorized, how much does the opening of this shelter affect the crisis? (2) Will this location become a permanent (or even semi-permanent) home for thse families?
Marcia Ballinger
Thanks Amber, Randi and all at Interfaith Action for your outstanding work!
Mike Harley (he/him/his)
I am Mike Harley with Lumen Christi Catholic Community and I’m adding my support to that expressed by Anne Maley. I know that many of our fellow parishioners and neighbors support this proposal and stand ready to do their part to help.
Madeleine H. (she/her)
^ great questions Barbara B. thanks
Thank you Amber, for your work with Project Home families, assisting them to achieve stability in housing and hopefully in their lives!
Pastor Darrin Vick - Community of Grace Lutheran
Pastor Darrin Vick from Community of Grace Lutheran in White Bear Lake. Love being a partner congregation with Project Home!
Randi, thanks for your leadership at interfaith Action, and especially for our growing partnership for families, as we are discussing tonight. So appreciative for your vision for the future of Project Home post-COVID, at Provincial House, and again in our faith community locations! Blessings for your work!
JoAnn Mason
Thank you Randi!!!
Jill Thompson
There are several of us from St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church on the call this evening. We have provided shelter in the month of February with Project Home for many many years. We are delighted to partner with Interfaith Action and other partners in this exciting new initiative!
JoAnn Mason
There are also people from St. Cecilia’s Catholic . We are thrilled with the potential at the Provincial house
Elaine Tarone
St Matthews Episcopal Church and partner churches in St Anthony Park like St Cecilia’s Catholic, and St Anthony Park Lutheran have hosted Project Home families for 20 years; we applaud this move and look forward to the day when we can host these children and their caregivers again.
Ken Pelto - Ramsey Co.
A Contact Form can be found on this page if any one would like to submit additional comments https://www.ramseycounty.us/covid-19-info/county-services-initiatives/investment-support-efforts-cares-funding/help-those-experiencing-homelessness/housing-stability-ramsey-county
Ricka Kohnstamm
There are a number of us from Beth Jacob Congregation - we are thrilled to participation with Project Home - and it is an honor to be able to support this effort
Hello all,I am excited for the opportunity for families to live and grow in this neighborhood so they may go on to live safe and healthier lives. As a neighbor to the Provincial House (living on Grand Ave.) I can say that I support this lease of Provincial House by Project Home wholeheartedly and with open arms and eagerness!
Kelly Stone
I am Rev. Kelly Stone, Chaplain at Macalester College. I’m glad to be representing Macalester College. As neighbors, we are eager to see how we might come into relationship with this project.
Linda Lindeke
St John the Evangelist Episcopal Church St Paul
Thom Gilligan
I am the lead judge in the civil division of Ramsey County District Court. We have been convening a housing court stakeholders group during COVID. Please email me at 2ndjudgegilliganchambers@courts.state.mn.us if you would like notifications for our meetings.
Rachel's iPhone
Mac groveland neighbor, only a few minutes from St. Kate’s, with some experience volunteering at PH location in the past, here to be a neighborhood voice in support of this project
Rachel's iPhone
Thank you for this session!
Christine Danielson (she/her)
I am a member of Immanuel Lutheran on Snelling. We have volunteered at Project Home at Messiah Episcopal Church on Ford Parkway. We have high respect for Project Home, it's staff and we've always had very good experiences with the families staying with Project Home. We support their continued presence in the neighborhood at Provincial House.
Does the Average resident leaves with $500 including the CARES Act stimulus payments?
micro’s iPhone
I’m a Gloria Dei member, St Kates alumnus and I live a few blocks away. I have volunteered with Project Home for years. It is a effective and amazing program.
forgive my improper grammar. *Does the figure $500 include 2020 financial data or is it from 2019?
Sharon DeMark
There are some of us here representing Mount Zion Temple. We have been hosting Project Home for 20 years. It has been our joy to be able to participate all these years. Grateful for this opportunity for more stability for the families in our community.
Karen abraham
My husband and I have supported Project Home for 5 or more years by being overnight hosts when our church hosted Project Home families. My husband and I support this effort and am thankful to the Sisters to open their area for this important need for our community. Thank you.
Colleen Swope
As a member of St John the Evangelist Episcopal Church and an alum of St. Catherine's, would the students of St. Catherine's be encouraged to join in volunteering with the families?
Patricia Norusis
I am Pat Norusis from Cretin-Derham Hall and we have worked with Project Home to provide shelter during the month of July for 18 years. It has truly been a blessing for our students and whole Cretin-Derham Hall community to work with the guests and their children. In addition to adult supervisors, we have had 6 students serve every day, playing with the children, talking with the guests, and helping meet the needs of the guests in whatever way they can. We have always had positive experiences working with the guests and Project Home staff. I am very excited for this new venture with the Sisters of St. Joseph.
Sara Liegl, Project Home
Hi Jake, That $500 avg savings figure was from our last fiscal year - so 7/1/19 - 6/30/20. Too soon in the new year for me to have crunched the calendar year 2020 numbers. :) Sara Liegl, Project Home
Eric and Alex Celeste
we are excited to see this shelter being made available in our neighborhood. We would like to offer a couple older used computers if these might be useful to residents, especially kids attending school remotely. Thank you for this work!
Barbara Beltrand
Looks like this is something we shold all do; send an email: PED-ZoningCommitteeSecretary@ci.stpaul.mn.us
Barbara Beltrand
whoops; should not shold!
Mike Robertson
Is there any way to streamline the process (zoning, conditional use, etc.) given that folks are living outdoors right now?
Pastor Darrin Vick - Community of Grace Lutheran
Are there plans for improving outdoor recreation areas for use by families?
Elaine Tarone
Is the raised hand in Participants called ’ invite’?
Joe Nathan
As homeowner in Highland, and educator who has worked for years on this issue, I think this appears to be government/community collaboration at its best. Thanks to all involved. STRONGLY encourage a yes vote. Also strongly encourage all of us to continue working for more permanent affordable housing - which is critically needed.
Sia Xiong
What excites or concerns you about this housing opportunity with Project Home at the Provincial House?
Anne Krisnik
opportunity to help those who are really struggling, give from our hearts
Mark Dickinson
Margo Dickinson, Macalester-Plymouth United Church. Several of our members have volunteered with Project Home, and will continue to do so. It's a wonderful opportunity to help our neighbors. I live in the neighborhood and look forward to volunteering in the future. I hope this site is approved!
Kathy Lamp
excited to see that we would build on the Project Home program!
Joe Lane
I am excited by the prospect of Provincial House serving Project Home. I'm concerned that we don't have more such facilities available.
Kelly Russ
I'm a member of St. John the Evangelist Episcopal and I live about 1/2 mile away from the Provincial House. I'm delighted about the prospect of welcoming Project Home neighbors to our wonderful community! PH is a fantastic program that truly makes a positive impact in so many lives!
Eric and Alex Celeste
excited that we are bringing these families to our neighborhood, concerned that there are more families in need than we can accommodate at provincial house
I am part of a group of churches in Washington County that started a family shelter 8 years ago. At that time, we got a lot of support from Sara Liegl and Project Home. We, in turn, support this effort to address homelessness for families. PH is a wonderful program.
Deb Bartels
will variances be required? Is the project at all dependent on Federal dollars
We are a family with young kids living in Highland Park, and are very excited about this opportunity in our neighborhood! We would love to help welcome families in need, and are grateful to the partners working to move this forward, including the Sisters of St. Joseph.
Thank you for the update. Wonderful news! I have another meeting and need to leave. I am from St. Mark's Catholic Church.
Anne's iPhone
additional shelter space for families is desperately needed. too many of our St. Paul children are living in unsafe environments and need a place like Project Home. Sara and Randi and their team are amazing. thank you for the compassion.
Kelli McCully
My kids are too nuts to make a verbal comment in this venue but I want to thank the Sisters for offering this resource to the community and living their values with their resources. What a beautiful use of a space that it underutilized. I hope our elected officials and city bodies will do everything in their power to move it forward.
The project seems like a nice project. The term family is currently being defined by the City of St. Paul is broader than what is being presented for health care and housing reasons. It seems like since there is a wide range in what number is included in a family, that total residences would be a more transparent method to represent the number of people.
Anne Maley Lumen Christi Parish
Home is the foundation of stability of health, education, and work. Investing in this way has incremental benefits. Keeping families together in family shelter is so important. Often young boys have to go to a men’s shelter. Our experience at Lumen Christi over our 20 years of hosting families has been extremely positive. The kids played at Hillcrest Park with other neighborhood kids every evening of their stay. The parents were grateful and diligent to play be the rules of the program in order to continue having the privilege of being in the program. Our parish families were able to do laundry, set up rooms, share meals, donate funds, stay over night. We’d send our families off after a week or two having received much more than we gave.
Krista Evans
We are a family living a few blocks north of Provincial House and St Kate's. We support this project and look forward to supporting Project Home in their new location in our neighborhood.
Anne Maley Lumen Christi Parish
I commend the leadership and generosity of the Sisters of St. Joseph for caring for our dear neighbors.
incredibly well said, Joe!
Marcia Ballinger
Agree! Thank you to the Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet in consistently living out your mission.
Elaine Tarone
An amazing side benefit of Project Home for us has been to build relationships across class, race and culture. We have so much to learn. We do need permanent affordable housing for them. What I have learned from volunteering at Project Home is that I need to support public policy which builds affordable rentals with at least THREE bedrooms because that is what most of the families in Project Home need.
Karen Zeleznak, Jim Fournier
Will there be adequate indoor play areas for the children?
shannon mulligan
Hello -clarifying, is this an additional Project Home space or replacement (one woman mentioned moving children from a downtown location)?
Krista Evans
that is a challenging street to cross even with the crosswalk. I agree.
Krista Evans
especially in dark evening hours
Sara Liegl, Project Home
Hi Shannon, we are seeking to move Project Home out of the temporary downtown hotel space and into the Provincial House.
Trista Matascastillo
Thank you for mentioning transit. I've taken note to look into it.
So amazed to see and hear such supportive partnership, thoughts and innovative ideas on the call tonight! Thanks to neighbors, partners, experts and staff!
shannon mulligan
Thank you for clarifying Sara - I missed that.
Thanks for the bus route/stop question. Referring to Q&A for process next steps research and feedback.
Madeleine H. (she/her)
@Trista, thank you!
Deb Bartels
will there be computer stations at PH for remote learning and perhaps remote working?
Thanks Chris, for reinterpreting the bus route question -- which I heard as related to the school buses (that's shat happens when you've served on a school board previously:) 0
Jackie Petersen
My husband, Tim Morehead, and I have lived on Bayard Ave., bordering St.Kate's University for 25 years. We have also been involved in the Lumen Christi Catholic Community's part in hosting people needing shelter & resources through the Families Moving Forward / Beacon program. Because of this program and others, people in crisis have been able to move forward & gain stability . So as neighbors , we enthusiastically welcome this new program . Additionally, the Sisters of St.Joseph have an incredible track record of making sound decisions that result in positive changes in this community, of which we are grateful.
Sara Liegl, Project Home
Hi Deb, yes, we have computers for guest use. Schools have been providing tablets, Chromebooks or laptops to the school age kids for their Distance Learning.
Ken Pelto - Ramsey Co.
You can also submit comments at the County's website https://www.ramseycounty.us/covid-19-info/county-services-initiatives/investment-support-efforts-cares-funding/help-those-experiencing-homelessness/housing-stability-ramsey-county
Church of Saint Peter Claver
I am Fr. Erich Rutten. I serve as pastor at the Church of St. Peter Claver in St Paul. Our parish has served as a host site for Project Home for many years. It has been a blessing to our parish and to our community. I am grateful to Ramsey County, Interfaith Action, and the Sisters of St. Joseph for this initiative!
Joe Nathan
It is wonderful to see a number of members of the news media present. Would you please share with your readers/listeners that there is a huge POSITIVE response - this is YIMBY - YES in my/our background.
I fully support this. I’m a recent homeowner in Merriam Park and I am really happy to see this project happening in the area. Thanks so much to all of you who are working to make it happen. I am grateful we have you in our community.
Sara Liegl, Project Home
@Joe love "YIMBY" might steal that term!
Would you leaders let us know how we can help amplify your voices and messages, not only for this project, but also for other projects you are working on?
Hi! Unity Church members are so grateful to Project Home for the opportunity to help families experiencing homelessness. Will you give us guidance tonight, or at a different time, on what you need from us to support this effort?
Elaine Tarone
These children are the future of our city. It is easy to say YIMBY to children. And we learn and grow through reaching out to families in our community who are building toward our future.
JoAnn Mason
I am interested in hearing whether there have been negative reaction and if that is something that is significant…It seems all (myself included) are positive. Can’t believe in this day and atmosphere there isn’t some naysayers…JoAnn
Also, how can we help fund your efforts!?
Trista Matascastillo
We always love to hear your support or concerns about our work to house our community. Feel free to contact us directly as well. As County Chair of the Housing Redevelopment Authority and chair of Policy Action Committee on Homelessness I'd love to hear from you. My office is Trista.matascastillo@ramseycounty.us
Sharon DeMark
thank you Angela for your brave comments.
Ricka Kohnstamm
Madeleine H. (she/her)
Thank you Angela
Thank you so much, Angela!
Rev. Jack Gaede (he/him)
@Angela, thank you for this reminder.
Trista Matascastillo
Thankyou Angela, It is a great reminder that anyone of us could be in need. Which is why neighborhood based shelter and services are so critical for all of us.
Joe Nathan
Thank you Angela.
YIMBY yard signs!
Jackie Petersen
Angela, thank you for your comments. They are so true !
Lisa Kiesel
I want to express my support for this addition to our neighborhood.... I am a Mac-grove neighbor and faculty at St. Kates.
David Itzkowitz
I am a long-time resident of the neighborhood and would like to add my strong support for this project. My husband and I have raised two children in this neighborhood, both of whom have settled here and are raising their children here too. We have volunteered with two area congregations for Project Home, and have been impressed by the respectful, caring interactions among Project Home staff and volunteers, with families, between families, etc. This is a needed valuable program that provides an opportunity not only for guests and volunteers but for the neighborhood to extend and enhance its strengths.
Sharon DeMark
I love all this positive energy! are there opportunities for other spaces like this? While I appreciate all the faith communities that volunteer, it is hard for families to go from day shelter to overnight space every day.
Ken Pelto - Ramsey Co.
Ken Pelto - Ramsey Co.
Is where you can make additional comments
Ricardo Cervantes
Thank you Joe!
Trista Matascastillo
Thank you Senator Murphy!
Kathy Ryan
As a Sister, I am so grateful that this opportunity to share our space came to us. We pray for all those who will use the space and those of you who supportrt this effort.
Marty Roers
Thank you Senator Murphy!!!
Jane Prince
Thank you, Joe. And thanks to all on this call who are clearing the path to make this wonderful project possible!
Mee Cheng
Trista Matascastillo
This has truly been the most heart warming and uplifting townhall to date! Thank you to everyone who is here to support of neighbors!
Anne Carroll (she-her-hers)
We have lived in Highland for many years and have had lots of connections with people experiencing homelessness and programs. This is an extraordinarily well thought through and planned effort -- I couldn't be more supportive!
how can I get access to this recorded session ?
Joe Nathan
The problem with good ideas is that they inevitably degenerate into hard work - thanks to those who have been willing to take a good idea and do the hard work to make it happen.
Harrison Deckard
This was a wonderful meetup. Thanks to all involved, and special thanks to all of the organizers.
Sara Swenson
A recording of the session will be posted on the website: www.ramseycounty.us/HousingStability
Suzanne Herder
Thank you everyone from the Sisters of St. Joseph
Tenecia Johnson-Trice: Homeless Services Supervisor
Thank you everyone for your support and positive feedback in our work to end family homelessness. It is encouraging and empowering to know that we have the support of so many people behind us.
Dave Pinto
My parish St. Peter Claver (hello Fr. Erich!) has long partnered with Project Home. I’m so proud to represent the Sister and our neighborhood. Enthusiastically supporting this project. Thank you!
Don Fulton he/him/his
Thank you!
Madeleine H. (she/her)
Thank you!
Brad Griffith
Thank you!