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Legislative Update - Shared screen with gallery view
Dee Jacob
If you have a question, please submit it through chat and we will ask it during the session.
Dee Jacob
There appears to be a gap between employment openings and the applicant pool. There are two different pool needs - the first is scientific, engineering, and manufacturing technologists. The other is the in the retail and food industry. How is CT taking steps to help increase the pool and hiring for both needs.
John Stax
I was talking yesterday with a hiring manager at Amazon's North Haven facility. They acre currently hiring 400 workers a month at rates of $17 to $21/hr
John Stax
That's plus benefits starting day one.
Dee Jacob
Please let us know the questions you want to ask through Chat!
Mary Grande
Thank you Robin for your recognition of all the non profits did during the pandemic to help so many and for all they continue to do.
Rep. Robin Comey
You are welcome but Thank you! NP work is thankless and so critical to our state.
Dee Jacob
Many consumers take advantage of the sales tax holiday. Is there a consideration to provide another tax free week in December to draw more consumers to our local retailers.
James Cosgrove
Any discussion/proposals in Hartford regarding adjustments/exemptions/elimination of personal property tax?