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Policing Policies & Services - Shared screen with speaker view
Booker Bush (He/Him)
I also want to give a shout out to Rye for some very helpful information for me earlier today….
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Dan Cannity
We’ve been circulating this statement to city councilors and the mayor, and social media.
Dan Cannity
The Northampton Policing Review Commission (NPRC) is a resident commission created in response to the multiple killings of African Americans by police, as well as a recognition of historic inequities and systematic racism in policing and our society at large in the US. The commission is part of a sweeping review of public policy by the Mayor and City Council, and is charged with exploring the complex issue of public safety and making recommendations to transform how the city delivers safety services while ensuring community safety equitably and justly.
Dan Cannity
The commission is exploring current policing policies and practices, as well as collecting data and looking at models that already exist or are being proposed for alternatives to traditional models of policing including:peer-led and trauma-informed approaches to responses for mental-health crises and substance useIncreased relationships with local nonprofits, that provide social servicesPrograms and policies to increase civilian participation in work through the cityadditional oversight opportunities with the city...and more.
Dan Cannity
We are also looking at how the city’s current infrastructure provides challenges and opportunities to make these changes.The commission and its subcommittees have held over 55 public meetings, including 2 public hearings. We are actively seeking public participation in our meetings to understand residents and neighbors concerns and hopes for public safety. We are approaching the date of the 3rd public hearing and invite Northampton and area residents to speak with us using either of the following avenues:Join us and make a comment at our 3rd Public Hearing, March 6th at 11am.If you are unable to join us, make a comment online using the NPRC Outreach form.
Dan Cannity
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